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As I generally do, I’ll start by telling you something about myself. I’m 50 years old - I was born in November of 1947. I appreciate the many compliments that I look MUCH younger than that. If you’d like, I can send a recent picture of myself and you can decide for yourself.

I am well-built, I guess, and just slightly heavy. However, most of my extra weight seems to be in my breasts, which measure 36DD, as I mentioned before. I am 5’-4" tall and weigh 140 pounds, but am physically fit. I love hiking and ice skating and I stay active with both. My nipples are rather large and, in my first extramarital encounter, I learned that I love having then handled roughly, so much that the pain excites me and lifts me to new heights of arousal. Enough said for now? Once more, I hope this brief description has piqued your interest.

I’ve accumulated many experiences over the past years and the thought of sharing them turned me on. Using the Internet lets me offer these stories to a broad audience, yet stay somewhat anonymous. Everything I write is based on my real experiences and my life has unfolded exactly as I describe. The only thing I’ve changed are the names, for obvious reasons. I’ll start by repeating a little background...

I was married at 21, a virgin until my wedding night. Yes, really. Unfortunately, the experience of my life, the one I’d been waiting for so long, was tremendously unfulfilling --- as were most of the subsequent sexual interludes my husband and I shared. In fact, I can’t even tell you for certain how long it was before I actually experienced an orgasm from intercourse, but it would be measured in years. He was one who would think first of satisfying himself and if I happened to get off along the way then that was nice, but not necessary.

Some of you who wrote have asked me to talk about the wedding night. Simply, there isn’t much to tell. I was pretty nervous, but excited. Yes, it hurt when I was taken for the first time. I imagine it hurt more than most, in fact, since my husband did little to warm me up or prepare me. After a few brief kisses, he pretty much just got right to the task at hand, and pushed his cock in me, fucking me until he came. That evening set the pattern for our relationship, when he rolled off me and fell asleep, leaving me laying there, unfulfilled. That night, I was also sore - very sore. I finally fell asleep, hoping that things would get better with time.

About 5 years into our marriage something happened that changed my life. I had my first extramarital sexual relationship, which I wrote about in my last submission. Now I’m back to tell you about another experience.

A year had passed since my tryst with Alex. I’d now been married for 6 years and had one son, now 3 months old. To me, it appeared that Alex was the father of my baby. My husband was unaware of the chances of this, having no inkling of my one infidelity. I know this will sound awful to most of you, but I didn’t care. I no longer loved my spouse. In fact, I’m not sure I ever did. I was even somewhat pleased at the idea that my wonderful one-time lover had fathered my child. He was much nicer than the man I married.

In the past year I’d not strayed again but that’s not to say that my thoughts didn’t. In that time I’d looked at many men and wondered what they might be like as potential sex partners. In spite of the fact that I never acted on any of those thoughts, I knew that one day I would. That day came when I went to visit my parents. They lived about a hundred miles away. My husband was working out of town. He was a tradesman and went wherever there was work, so I went to my parents’ alone, with the intent of surprising them. First I pumped some breast milk for my young son, then dropped him and the appropriate infants essentials with the sitter.

Arriving in my parent’s city about lunchtime, I decided to have something to eat before I went to their home, not wanting to place the burden of feeding me on them. I pulled into a restaurant / lounge near their home. Inside, I found a corner table and perused the menu. When I looked up for my waitress I saw two old friends sitting together nearby. They waved when they saw me looking. I hadn’t seen Joey or Brad for years and smiled as I waved back. The two of them rose from their seats and walked over to my table. After our hellos and brief hugs, they asked if they could join me. I told them I’d like that very much.

Let me make it very clear, there was never anything remotely sexual between myself and them. We had been, simply, friends. So it’s true when I believed that, in our reunion, the thoughts of sex never occurred to any of us. I had been a "good" girl, hardly even dating and, when I did, there was never anything that would even lead up to sex. My father, a big, strong and, in my mind at the time, fierce, Polish man, scared the hell out of me and I knew that if I ever did anything bad, his wrath would be brutal. Even if it weren’t my intention to be a virgin on my wedding night, I’d have been too scared to do anything about it. This accidental reunion of friends was just that, and nothing more.

Joey, Brad and I had lunch together, then they asked if I’d like to have a drink with them. I accepted and we moved to the bar. Three drinks and much conversation later I was feeling pretty good, relaxed. Perhaps I was naive. I guess I was, really, because when they suggested we’d be more comfortable if we got a bottle and a room, I still had no idea that sex would play a part in this. I readily agreed.

Joey went out to buy the liquor while Brad and I went to get the room. We waited in the hotel lobby for Joey to show up, then the three of us went to get comfortable. The room had a king-sized bed, a couch, and a chair. The guys told me to make myself comfortable while one poured drinks and the other found some music on the radio. I had to admit, this was much better than sitting in the lounge. I sat on the couch and Brad sat on one side of me. Joey brought drinks and sat on the other side. Again we sat and talked while we sipped our drinks. Mine was much stronger than I was used to and I was already feeling a little tipsy from the drinks at the bar.

Finally, Brad provided an admission from the days we were in school together, saying that he’d always fantasized about getting into my pants. I was very surprised at this since he’d never given any indication of his desires back then. I told him this. He replied by saying that everyone knew I was untouchable, so there was no point. I had to agree, and explained the issues of my father and my fear of him at that time. Joey then entered the conversation, pointing out that those issues were no longer valid. He was turned, looking over my body, then he told me something else about our school days, that all the guys had fantasized about seeing my tits. As if to support this revelation, he reached for a breast, lightly brushing his hand over it. I shivered slightly and my nipples became immediately and obviously hard. Then he squeezed, and leaned to kiss me. I let him. While we kissed, I felt Brad’s hand on my other breast.

When Joey’s kiss ended he breathed his request to be able to see my breasts, now, that there was nothing stopping that from happening. I was going to counter with the fact that I was married should be enough to prevent that, but the words never came out. Joey took my silence as agreement and reached for my blouse, lifting it over my head. I raised my arms to let him. At the same time, Brad’s hands went behind me to unclasped the bra I was wearing not only for the benefit of the visit to my parents but to contain the leakage I was now sometimes experiencing. As my breasts were bared, Joey gasped that they were just as gorgeous as he’d imagined. They were even larger than usual, as I was now a nursing mother. Again, two sets of hands reached out for them, then soon, two sets of lips were sucking my nipples.

One of the guys, I can’t remember which, raised his head slightly and gasped, surprised at the milk he was drawing from my breast, and commenting that it tasted delicious before returning to his sucking. I leaned back and enjoyed the attention.

Obviously they wanted more, and soon I felt their hands meet between my legs when they both reached for my pussy at the same time. I spread myself open for them as their hands pushed up and under my skirt. My panties were pushed aside and fingers were vying for entry. Joey won, pushing his inside me. Brad took this opportunity to lose his clothes, then sit back down beside me and take my hand, coaxing it to his cock, which I loosely gripped and stroked. As Brad’s hand went back under my skirt, Joey stood and undressed, then moved in front of me, his erect cock inches from my face. With my free hand, I reached for it, then lowered my head, taking him in my mouth and sucking. I still wasn’t practiced in the art of cocksucking, and I didn’t get much opportunity to hone my skills this time either, as Brad also stood up and the two of them urged me to the bed, removing my skirt and panties along the way. We fell naked onto the king-sized bed.

Joey returned to sucking my tits, apparently taken with the milk I was producing. Brad lowered himself between my legs and licked my pussy briefly. This is another area in which I’d had very little experience, and the feeling was awesome. Soon I was begging Brad to put his cock in me. He, of course, obliged. Joey continued sucking milk from my nipples while Brad pumped his cock in and out of me. The sensations provided by having two men at once were amazing, but short lived. Joey lifted himself from my chest, seemingly intent on watching his friend fuck me. That’s the way things went for the next hour or so, with my two horny friends taking turns between my legs while the other watched.

After Brad had used my pussy for a while, he pulled out of me, nodding to Joey that it was his turn. Joey’s cock slipped easily into my wet pussy and I was again being fucked as the other guy watched us. Brad leaned for a closer look at Joey’s cock sliding in and out of me. The fact of being watched in such an intimate act excited the hell out of me, as did sharing my body with two men at once.

By now I had cum with both Brad and Joey fucking me. Joey pulled out and moved aside to make room for his friend, and Brad moved back again between my legs. Neither had cum yet, but I was, in fact, getting a little weary and winded from multiple climaxes. Still, though, my passion wasn’t sated, and when Brad mounted me yet again, I wrapped my legs around his back and urged him on, telling him to fuck me. He did, plowing into me until I was again cumming, then literally rammed me until he eventually emptied his balls into my cunt. I felt Brad’s cock slip out of me and his cum leaking from my hole as he stood up.

Immediately, Joey moved towards me. I spread my legs yet again, but Joey wanted something different. He lifted and turned me onto my hands and knees, then moved behind me. I felt his hands on my hips and his cock probing for my hole. He found it quickly and pushed inside my cum-filled cunt. Holding me tightly, he pounded into me deep and hard, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming yet again. I pushed back against him, begging the deepest possible penetration, and Joey gave it to me, briefly, before he too was spurting cum into me.

I collapsed onto the bed and Joey landed on top of me, both of us out of breath. Brad had been standing next to us. His critique of what he’d just witnessed was a single word - awesome! I agreed enthusiastically.

Finally, Joey rolled off my back and I struggled to roll over, move off the bed, and stand. Two loads of their cum, along with my own prolific juices were streaming down the insides of my thighs. The guys both peered between my legs. I looked down there as well, then back at my friends and we all grinned. I suggested that perhaps I needed a shower.

Joey and Brad joined me and we washed and rinsed each others’ bodies, paying special attention to the more interesting places. Afterwards, we toweled each other dry and dressed, then refilled our glasses and sipped our drinks quietly, speaking little. I felt like I was in a sort of contented trance.

After the latest round of drinks were finished, it was time to go. They both asked me if I would come to visit them again and were disappointed when I told them that I didn’t think that was a good idea, being a married woman. In deference to their protests, I offered that I wouldn’t promise them anything, but that perhaps we could do this again some day. We never did.

It had been a magnificent afternoon, my first encounter with multiple partners. Joey and Brad had taken turns fucking me, but each had cum only one time. Still, my pussy had felt flooded, and it was, with their seed. My womb was still unprotected, as it was my intent to have another child soon after the first. However, neither Joey nor Brad became fathers that day.

The sex had been plain, simple and raw. There was very little oral, and no anal, but I’d spent much of the afternoon with my pussy being pummeled by their cocks and my body in the throes of orgasm. I was tired, spent, bordering on exhaustion. When I finally arrived at my parent’s home I had to take a nap. We had dinner together and chatted for a while afterwards, then I had to make the drive home. My baby was waiting for me, and I would need to nurse him that night. As I drove, my thoughts lingered on the nursing that Joey and Brad had done at my breasts, and on the continued fucking I’d received by the "tag team" duo that had taken turns in me.

I’d never been fucked so long and hard in my life. It was all I could do to pick up the baby and feed him that night before I went to sleep... and I slept very well.

I hope you enjoy my stories. As I’ve mentioned, these are my real-life experiences, not fiction. Sharing them publicly turns me on, as does hearing from the people who read them. So, please, feel free to write. You can reach me at (deleted)

This is my second story in as many days. There are more, but I’ll need to take a little sabbatical from my writing so I can get some work done around here. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long for the next one. I promise. Kisses, Julie.

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