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It was quiet, and it was dark, and there was no one around - but I felt sure that my heartbeat could be heard a mile away, it was going so loud and fast in my chest. I was moving forward with this, but I knew that the slightest setback at this point would send me running with my tail between my legs.

You’re probably wondering why I was so reluctant, well, it shames me to say it, but I was going to take part in a robbery. I know, I know. Stupid huh? You live and learn, and I learned that emotional blackmail was a particularly strong compulsion for me, and probably for any other girl in her late teens. The blackmailer was, of course, my boyfriend Clay. I loved him to death despite his nasty little habits and the fact that emotional power played a pivotal role in our relationship. From the first time he fondled my breasts through to the time he took my virginity it was blackmail all the way. I lost count of the number of times he said that I didn’t love him, because if I did then of course I would.....take my hands away, let him pull down my panties, open my legs, go on the pill...... Looking back I should have chucked him over. My father certainly wanted me to, he made that very plain but, like most teenage girls, I was headstrong and definitely knew best. And so when dad ‘suggested’ that I ditched him, well you know exactly what happened, I’ve no need to tell you.

If I had ditched him, I could have got any number of boys. They made it pretty plain that they fancied me, to the point of asking me out or, in the case of one of them, following me round like a puppy dog. I didn’t want a lapdog I wanted a MAN and Clay certainly seemed to fit that bill. Over six feet tall in his socks he towered over me and his long, hairy arms felt like they could have wrapped twice around me. He wasn’t exactly handsome, but he was rugged, if you understand my meaning. All in all, he represented every fantasy I’d ever had since that first time that I felt compelled to seek out my sex, so many years ago. The problem with Clay was that he was a waster. He’d dropped out of school and had just bummed around, never even attempting to hold down a full time job. What he lived on was a complete mystery to me, not that I gave it much thought. Maybe I should have, then again maybe I should have walked out too. If only I knew then what I know now.

I completed school and a secretarial course at College and got a job as a junior secretary in a large Engineering firm. I won’t tell you the name as you’ve probably heard of it. At first Clay was underwhelmed, but then his mind started to catch on to a few of the implications and he suddenly started to take an interest in what I was doing. I was thrilled, mainly because he’d never seemed to be overly interested in anything I said or did. In fact the only time he seemed to really notice me was when he wanted sex and then he was like a rabid animal. I lost count of the number of pairs of panties he tore to pieces and foreplay was obviously for wimps because he never felt the need to bother with it. At first I just went along with it, the Lord knows why, but then I started to enjoy his bestial rutting. Finally I was nearly as bad as he was and we both took our pleasures noisily and with wild abandon. Ok, I’ve digressed enough. Its time I continued with the tale. As I said he started to take an interest in my work. He was always asking odd questions about exactly what we did, what we stored, when the payroll was. Like a fool I told him. I couldn’t see any harm in it, anyway as I said I was just pleased he was actually starting to take an interest in me, so I was secretly thrilled.

The clincher came when he asked me to help him to rob the place. I was shocked and I told him, as firmly as I could, that there was no way I was going to do that. He reacted predictably enough and so I found myself with an aching crotch and yet another pair of shredded panties. It continued like this for weeks. He just going on and on about it. Saying if I loved him then.... Call me a sucker, because I am one, but it never failed to wear me down. So I gave in eventually, which is why I found myself creeping around a darkened factory in the 2 hour interval between the day shift clocking off and the nightshift clocking on. It was the ideal time, or so Clay informed me. My role was pretty easy. All I had to do was to go down to the hardware storage area and open the door on the small loading bay there. It opened directly out onto an alley and Clay, and an unknown number of friends, would sneak in through the open door. Because I was on the inside I would be able to switch off the local alarm circuit, which had a cut-out to allow the store man to shut off the alarm when a delivery was due. That bit went fine and it was with a dry mouth and wobbly legs that I made my way to the store, through which I could reach the loading bay. I’d been down there earlier in the day and had managed to distract the store man enough to pull the bolt on the serving hatch up a little. Just enough, so it just held the hatch closed. But would yield with moderate pressure from outside. So a quick shove and I would be able to open it and wriggle inside. All I had to do then, was unlock the outside door and let Clay in. I would leave them to it, as I escaped down the alleyway and caught a bus home, a bare hour or so late. Not enough to alarm my parents with whom I still lived.

The hatch yielded as planned but then the setbacks started. First of all it was smaller than I imagined. In fact I could only just get through and I’m quite a small girl. Then, when I had just managed to wriggle the top half of my body through it, the hatch door dropped down onto the middle of my back. Leaving the upper half of my body in the store and the bottom half in the corridor. Worse the bolt dropped down and jammed itself in the small of my back. The pain from the steel rod was amplified by the weight of the heavy hatch-door, which I had completely underestimated the weight of. I tried to pull forward but the bolt caught in the waistband of my skirt and my leather belt prevented any movement in that direction. I tried to twist and push the hatch up but I wasn’t strong enough and the hatch was too heavy for me in my present position. Worse, the bolt dug deeper as I tried to turn, effectively pinning me down. I started to panic and I used all my strength to try and heave the hatch open with brute strength. I just succeeded in hurting myself as the heavy hatch dug deeper. Finally I convinced myself of the futility of struggling and just lay there trying to work out what to do. Strangely enough my biggest fear was that I was going to annoy Clay. The thought of the sight of my disembodied, but shapely, tartan skirted ass, was of secondary importance to the thought of how Clay would react to my stupidity.

I must have lain there for about an hour when I heard a couple of guys chattering as they approached. This part of the factory was seldom visited and I was just glad that someone had come along. The fact that they would release me was uppermost on my mind. I’d deal with the hows, whys and wherefores of my present predicament later. Now all I wanted was freedom. "Hey, hey, hey. Lookee here. There’s something you don’t see everyday." Exclaimed the first man.

"Looks like a nicely rounded ass from where I’m standing. It was nice of someone to leave it here just where we could find it. Its our lucky day, my man." I heard the crack of palm meeting palm and concluded that they had high fived their approval of my ass and legs. "Help me please. I’m stuck." I shouted. My words bouncing around the bare room like a ricochet. I felt a hand touch my back and I flinched automatically. "You got yourself a little problem there girl." The first guy said with an amused tone of voice. "Please just push up the hatch, so I can get out." "And what’ll you do for us in return huh?" "What do you mean?" "A swap little girl, what’ll you give us in return for letting you out?" "I’ve got some money." "Don’t want your money. You got what we need right here." And he fondled my ass. "Oh no, not that. Please." "Either that or we’ll leave you here." I started to cry. This was too much.

"Hey, what’s she doing here anyway?" He said, evidently to the other guy. "Must be something illegal, ‘cause she ain’t got no reason to be here otherwise." "What about that eh, honey? You thinking on robbing the store huh?" "Oh please, look it was a mistake. Let me go and I won’t do it again." "Well, well. This creates all sorts of opportunities." The first guy mused. "Looks like you ain’t got much choice, have you honey?" "Nooo!" I cried when I realized what he meant. I’d have to consent to fuck them in return for my freedom, both from my temporary prison and the law. "No? Ok I’ll go and get the security guard. Unless......" I felt his hand slide under my knee length skirt. "...You decide to co-operate." "Fuck you!" I shouted as his hand reached my panties. "I’ll take that as a yes. Hey get that rope over there, to help us secure this bitches co-operation and make sure she don’t go back on her word."

Before I could react I felt a pair of hands rolling up my skirt. When it was bunched around my waist, in a thick pad, I could feel the pressure of the hatch easing on my back. "Quick." I heard the first one shout. At which point the hatch was slid open and my skirt was bunched up, together with the tail of my blouse, to the point where the hatch had been laying. The hatch was then slammed down, pinning me helplessly, but in less discomfort than before as the material softened the edge. I could feel them tying rope to the handles on the door which they used to pull the hatch down. I assume they tied it to the pipe that ran about a foot above the floor.

The effect of the skirt being hunched around me, together with the tightness of the hatch, was that the sounds they were making were considerably muffled. So I could hear what they were saying but couldn’t place their tone. The filtering taking away all the distinct voice patterns leaving them somehow distant. I kicked as best I could as I felt my panties being slid down my legs. I made contact with something and their descent stopped momentarily. The hand landed hard on my newly bared ass and it stung like hell. I kicked for a while but the spanking was relentless and I realized that the only way to stop it was to calm down and let them have their way. I willed myself to stand still and was rewarded, after a couple more hard smacks, with a cessation. I lay there, trembling, the bottom half of my body nude. Waiting to see what they’d do next. I was completely helpless and utterly terrified.

"Open up baby. Daddies coming home." Shouted one of them, as he playfully slapped my sore ass. I kept my legs closed, not wanting to assist in my own debasement. He slapped me again, harder." I said open your legs, or I’ll get angry." I pressed my thighs harder together. "Right! You’ve asked for it." There was a slight pause then I felt a dull thump on my ass. This was followed, microseconds later, by the most searing pain I had ever known. Looking back I can only assume that he’d picked up one of the long, hard rubber, drive belts they stored down here and was using it with all his strength. At the time I wasn’t capable of competent thought, my brain functions being switched over to pain avoidance as the next stroke bore in.

I couldn’t take any more. I had to give in, I had no choice. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, I widened my stance giving them a perfect view of my crotch. Still the strokes bore in. I screamed out. "They’re open. Please stop. Fuck me, do anything but please stop the pain." "Ready to fuck?" The guy asked mildly. Stupidly I nodded, then corrected myself, sobbing. "Yes, yes. Fuck me. Please don’t beat me again." "Right on!" Shouted the voice, then I felt the head of his cock against the lips of my sex. His hard hands gripped my thighs, holding them rigidly in place. I tried to detach my mind. Think of nice things, cats, my favorite niece, my mother’s.........

He rammed into me in one huge, brutal lunge. He hurt so much I almost bit my tongue. I could feel myself gripping his manhood tightly as he obviously savored the feeling of my tight box. Clay was nowhere near the size of this guy, so my poor pussy worked overtime as it tried desperately to adjust to the size of the intruder. He seemed to sense this and waited until I’d calmed down before he started to withdraw again. Then he was back and he started to seriously fuck me, his prick pistoling inside me like it was driven by an engine. All I could do was buck and twist my hips trying to find a position that minimized the pain of his forceful screwing. But it was no good and I screamed my way through the powerful pounding that was inexorably taking over my body as the fuses shorted in my brain. He was quick, fortunately, and within a couple of minutes I could feel him getting stiffer and fatter. Then he rammed deep inside me and unleashed a torrent of sperm. I could feel the burning heat deep inside as he pumped it into me and I was nearly sick on the floor right there. Finally he was finished and he pulled out to allow the other guy a turn. He was slightly less brutal which, coupled with the lubrication of his predecessor’s sperm, meant that, although it wasn’t enjoyable, at least it wasn’t as painful.

At last it was all over and I lay bent over, legs spread wide, feeling the sperm drip from my pussy and run down my thigh. I cried in humiliation as it crawled down the sensitive flesh, chilling as it went. I waited to be released but they were discussing something. I strained to hear their conversation but they were talking too low and the skirt muffled the words. After a couple of minutes I felt movement behind me and I assumed they were going to let me go. Instead they each grabbed an ankle and forced my legs wider. Before my dazed brain could kick in they had tied rope around my ankles then tied them off to something. I was now completely spread and helpless as to what they wanted to do next. "Had an idea bitch. Gonna make some bread outta your ass. You can’t see them, they can’t see you. Its perfect. You couldn’t identify them, nor us come to that. And we don’t know who the hell you are. You’re just a cunt to us and we going to sell ourselves a piece of it. And no-one will be the wiser." "No! No! Oh God no. Don’t do it. I’m begging you. Please don’t." The pleas fell on deaf ears. In fact I was certain that they’d gone. They were back soon enough though and, after 20 dollars had changed hands, I once again felt the rubberlike head of a cock being forced into me. I ‘earned’ $340 that night. Yeah, that’s right, your maths is as good as mine you work it out. Plus them too of course. I’d had more sex, with more men, than I had ever dreamed of.

Did I say dream? You see, the thing is, that. Oh this is so hard to say. You see.....I orgasmed. Many times. And I’ve been trying to work out why. Maybe it was the combination of the spanking and the studied casualness of the sex that turned me on. Maybe it was the fact that I had no control over what happened, all I could do was lay there and take it. And enjoy it. And wallow in it. And succumb to multiple orgasms. As I satisfied cock after cock.

I don’t know.

What I do know, is that I’ve wanted, yearned, craved after doing it again. So will you please set it up for me? It’ll be worth your while. I could make you, at least, $500 this time.

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