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Terrie is a Tramp

Terrie had discovered boys quiet early. She made friends quickly and as a result became qiuet popular.

Terri had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation. The 24-year-old, who had spent most of her life thus far living in and around San Diego, was known as one of the "easiest" girls to bed during her high school and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose in her ways, but Terri was also beautiful - and she knew it. Terri made several men her victim by charming them with her body. Her hair was naturally-blonde and went down well past her shoulders, to the midpoint of her back. She was tight and compact at 5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, and was stunning with a 36d-23-34 figure. Terri had an excellant tan and was more than willing to show off her charms in sexy, tiny outfits. She made it a practice to date a lot of guys throughout high school and college, but never stayed with anyone for an extended period of time until Frank came along.

Frank, also 24, had been dating Terri for more than a year now. But at the same time, Terri was far from faithful to him - and he knew it. In fact, Frank liked the idea of his girlfriend going out and having sex with others. It turned him on. So, Terri could keep Frank as her main boyfriend, but she also had the freedom to go out and see others. One thing which really endeared her to Frank was the fact that he had been arranging gang-bangs, with her as the featured attraction, once a month for nearly a year. Terri liked being at the center of gang-bangs, because there were plenty of willing men who would do their best to satisfy her. But, Terri had never been satisfied. She always wanted more. No one - not even a group of men - had ever fully satisfied her.

Despite her penchant for wild and carefree sex, many of Terri’s boyfriends considered her the "girl next door". One may wonder how they could do this... until learning that they did not think of her as the typical "girl next door". Instead, Terri’s multitude of boyfriends considered her the "girl next door"... but ONLY if a whorehouse was next door!

* * *

After her shift ended at the adult club, where Terri worked as a stripper, she decided to go straight home to her apartment. It was past midnight, and a trip to the shower and then a few minutes in bed with her precious dildo seemed like excellant ideas to the 24-year-old woman.

After pulling into the apartment complex, however, Terri noticed a familiar car parked close to her front door. When the blonde realized there were two dark figures seated in the car, a lusty smile appeared on her face. "I’m glad I don’t have anything to do tomorrow morning," Terri mumbled under her breath, figuring she would be awake for several more hours on this late evening/early morning. Once she got out of her car and locked its door, Terri began strolling over to the car which was close to her apartment. As usual, she walked with the kind of sexiness that could make any man’s heart melt. Her ass, trapped in skintight spandex pants, jiggled and swayed with every step. Her large breasts bounced and flopped about underneath the tight confines of her barely-there blouse. "What in the world are you doing here?" Terri grinned as the driver’s side window of the car lowered. From inside, Harry - who was one of Terri’s regular gang- bang partners - returned the smile. "I thought it would be a nice time to come over here and visit you." "Yeah, right!" she giggled. "You wanna FUCK me!" At the door now, Terri leaned over and looked inside... only to find a man she had never seen before, seated next to Harry. The man appeared to be in his mid-20’s, with short black hair and a good build. "Oooooh..." the slut murmured, her eyes roaming him up and down. "Harry, who is your friend?" Whomever he was, Terri thought, he was a HUNK! "This here is Lee," Harry replied, while the man in question smiled at Terri in return. "I told him a lot about you... and figured you would like to meet him, too." "Hi there," Terri cooed at Lee, using her sexiest, most provocative voice. "Hi," Lee grinned, feeling a bit embarrassed. It wasn’t everyday that a gorgeous, blonde bombshell was so very forward and friendly with him. "Most of all," Harry added, "I figured you could use a little company. Since you started working at that strip joint downtown, I haven’t seen you too much. I must admit; it’s been kind of lonely." "My life is busy," the young woman returned, shrugging her shoulders. "But, you are welcome to come over here and wait for me any night... like tonight. I don’t mind." "So can we come inside?" Harry inquired. "Sure," Terri grinned. "Follow me."

As the trio soon made their way to the front door of the apartment, Lee could not believe what he was seeing. For the past week, Harry had told him over and over again about how beautiful Terri was. As a result, Lee tried to come up with his absolute, perfect "dream girl" in his mind. He did, but that image was not anywhere close to Terri. In fact, Lee thought, Terri was a million times more hot than the image he came up with in his mind. Even now, in the dark under a few lights, Lee could tell that Terri was the sexiest woman he had ever laid his eyes upon. She was far superior, in terms of physical appearance, than anything he could ever fantasize about. She was PERFECT, to him. And then, there were the stories about Terri that Lee had heard from Harry. Couple her immense beauty, along with an unstoppable sex drive... Lee was ALREADY in love. In fact, his prick was as hard as a rock in his trousers.

"When is the next night you have off?" Harry asked Terri, as she unlocked the front door to her apartment. "Oh... I believe it’s Sunday," she replied. "Yeah... it is Sunday." "Great!" Harry returned. "I think I’ll have to arrange another gang-bang with the guys." "Oooooh!" Terri exclaimed. "I LIKE to hear that!" "Or better yet," Harry grinned, "a Terri-bang." "I like that even better!" the slut giggled. Listening to that exchange, all Lee could do was smile in amazement as he walked into the apartment. Apparently, all those nasty stories Harry had told him were true!

After the trio was inside and the front door locked, Harry turned toward Lee and spoke, "Hey buddy, why don’t you sample Terri for yourself?" He reached over, and placed an arm around Terri’s shoulder. "You’ll learn what I have known for a long time - this is the horniest slut around." The young woman giggled as she leaned against Harry. "You do her first," Lee said, tentatively. "I think I want to watch." Lee very much wanted to get his hands on that hot blonde. But at the same time, he felt nervous. Perhaps watching her have sex with Harry would make him feel a bit more relaxed. Lee had never even been close to this kind of sex - a two-on-one coupling. "Suit yourself," Harry replied. Already in the mood for passion, Terri reached out with her right hand and rubbed Harry’ cock through his trousers. In return, the 30-year-old man looked at her and smiled, then used both of his hands to grab ahold her hips. His mouth soon went to hers like a magnet, and the pair of lust-lovers shared a deep and passionate kiss. At the same time, Terri used her palm to give the growing bulge in Harry’ trousers a series of strong, hard squeezes. In return, Harry moved his hands around to her spandex-clad ass and gripped it feverishly.

Meanwhile, Lee could not help but to openly rub the monster that was in his own trousers. He had never watched two people have sex together - unless you count X-rated movies. He had never seen two people go at it, in his presence. Lee liked to watch women have sex on the television screen... and he DEFINITELY liked watching Terri in action, in his presence.

Harry’ massive, strong hands viciously gripped and squeezed away at Terri’s round, perfect ass. In response, the young woman moaned and wiggled against his body. She enjoyed it when men would use their muscles on her. Harry, of course, had a tremendous amount of muscles to use on her. Between their kiss, their tongues continued to mesh and mingle together in a series of heated exchanges. Not only was Terri the best fuck Harry had ever experienced, but she was ALSO the greatest kisser. In fact, Terri was the best at anything which even remotely dealed with sex - at least in Harry’ mind. "Oh yes!" Terri wailed as she broke the kiss, turning her face and watching Harry’ hands work on her ass. He was pinching and squeezing her so hard, that it actually hurt. But instead of a bad hurt, it was a good hurt for Terri. "Yes!" she prodded him, enjoying his powerful strength. "Squeeze my ass! Harder!" Harry obliged her as he pressed his lips to hers once again. Not only did he forcefully maul her ass with his hands, but Harry devoured Terri’s mouth with his tongue, too.

Lee, meanwhile, had already gotten rid of his trousers and briefs. He whipped his shirt off, and now stood before the embracing couple completely naked. His cock hard and standing at full attention, he openly gripped and stroked it as the action before him continued.

Despite her ass nearly being crushed by Harry’ hands, Terri continued to frig and pump his cock with her own hand. She had already unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers, and now her right hand was deep inside his briefs. Terri arched her head way back once Harry’ lips moved from her mouth to her neck. The slut giggled with joyous lust as Harry gave her neck a series of licks and nibbles, all of which sent spasms of pleasure shooting through her. But Terri received her biggest thrill of the evening thus far when she turned her head and noticed Lee off to the side. Totally nude, the 26-year-old man stood there, his hand gripping his cock as he continued to frig away at it. Her neck still being worshipped by Harry, Terri smiled and winked at Lee, then motioned with her head for him to come closer. "Get over here," she cooed at him. Upon hearing those words, Harry stopped kissing Terri’s neck and looked over at his friend. He then gave him a smile and encouraged, "Come on, Lee. She WANTS you, man."

Lee smiled cautiously as he started toward them.

"You have to excuse him," Harry said to Terri. "He’s a little nervous. He’s never been involved in two-on-one sex before. It’s all been one-on-one for him." "That’s no problem," the slut cooed as she first looked at Harry, then Lee. "Don’t worry... I can loosen him up." Without any warning, Terri dropped to her knees in front of Lee and then gripped his cock with her right hand. Shocked at this sudden move, Lee’s eyes opened wide as he stared down at the vision of lovliness/lust beneath him. "You seem tense," the blonde said as she peered up at him. "I can take care of that." After giving Lee’s shaft a few hard strokes with her right hand, she slipped its bulging head into her mouth. Lee let out a long, deep moan as he watched Terri’s pouty, red lips close themseleves around his throbbing cock. With the fat head of his shaft in her mouth, Terri began her oral worshipping by giving it a series of quick, gooey licks with her tongue. At the same time, she continued to grip and squeeze its thick base with her right hand. "What did I tell you?" Harry said to his friend, as he watched Terri perform her own kind of magic with her mouth. "I told you... this woman sucks cock better than anyone!" "Yeahhhhh..." was all Lee could say, in return. He was mesmorized by the oral pleasure this slut was giving him! Terri giggled in a lustful way as she slipped more of his shaft into her hungry mouth. At the same time, Lee kept up a series of passionate, deep moans. Terri swallowed him until her lips were touching her right hand, which still gripped and held the base of his shaft. Moaning quite a bit herself, Terri’s head started to bob back-and-forth. Lee could feel the nympho’s lips encasing his cock roughly, as it slid throughout the hot, exquisite walls of her mouth. What an EXQUISITE feeling, he thought... Even more pleasure ripped throughout Lee once he felt Terri’s tongue start to swirl around his cock like a buzz-saw within her mouth. When she offered her first hard suck, Lee moaned - her throat felt like a vacuum to his cockhead!

Terri, of course, was in her element. The one thing she did better than anything else was have sex. One of her favorite sexual activities was taking a big, massive cock into her mouth, so she could offer it a prolonged blowjob. Thus, she was DEFINITELY in her element.

For several seconds, Terri held the very tip of Lee’s cock between her lips. Then, without warning, she plunged back down - engulfing its entire length within her hungry mouth. Now with both hands, she twirled and tickled the delicate flesh of Lee’s balls. A new wave of sensations shot through him as the slut continued with her oral work. Lee could not believe his good fortune! In his wildest dreams, he never imagined that he would one day have a woman as hot as Terri on her knees in front of him, servicing his cock!

Lee was nearing the orgasmic edge as Terri’s head now bobbed back-and-forth upon his erection at a furious speed. Throwing his head back and moaning, every muscle tensed in Lee’s body as he felt an explosion within himself... Terri squealed with delight as Lee’s shaft erupted in her mouth. Wanting the entire treat, the nymphomaniac quickly guzzled his helping of thick sperm down her greedy little throat. She continually swallowed as quickly as possible, until his shaft was emptied-out. Of course, the LAST thing Terri wanted was for any of that delicious cum to seap out of her mouth and drip to the floor. The blonde wanted to swallow it all - which is what she did. Without a doubt, sperm was Terri’s FAVORITE beverage.

"Oh my..." Lee moaned seconds later, as he watched Terri finally slip his cock out of her mouth. "Oh my, baby... That was the best blowjob I have ever gotten!" Terri sneered up at him. "Of course it was. I gave it to you." Very confident when it came to sex, Terri had been told several times in the past that she sucked cock better than anyone else. It was a normal thing for her to hear. In fact, she expected nothing BUT compliments from her men.

Wanting more, Terri looked around and smiled once she saw that Harry had gotten rid of his clothes, too. "You know what I want," she cooed at him, sitting down and leaning back, her thighs widespread. Yes - Harry knew EXACTLY what she wanted. He was well aware that in Terri’s mind, he was the best when it came to eating pussy. She had told Harry before that NO ONE could bring her pleasure with their tongue, quite like him. In a flash, Harry made his way over to Terri and then dropped to his knees. Just as quickly, he nearly ripped her pair of black spandex pants down and off, followed by her lacey white G-string. Then, Harry could not help but to grin from ear to ear as he saw Terri’s sweet pussy glisten with moisture underneath the room’s bright lights. Harry smiled as he dropped to his stomach, just before he placed his mouth just over Terri’s pussy. With both hands, Harry then grasped Terri’s thighs and held them wide apart. A few seconds later, his mouth went to work on her slit. Terri arched her body high into the air and massaged her breasts as Harry’ expert tongue gave her pussy the type of lashing it desired most. The blonde’s squeals sometimes screeched high, and sometimes screeched low. Nonetheless, she continued to voice her approval as Harry ate her out.

Meanwhile, Lee was enjoying the action. Seated on the nearby sofa while stroking his cock once again, he watched as Harry gave the oral lashing to Terri. He especially liked watching the blonde slut squirm and writhe around, in lust.

Lee could tell... this bimbo really LOVED sex.

After burrowing his tongue into her slit and tasting her juices for a few seconds, Harry decided it was time to give her clit some attention. Terri cried in passionate lust as his tongue swiped itself over and across - up and down, upon her excited, wet clit. Harry’ tongue felt like hot fire as it soon caressed and sampled every tasty region of her pussy. Still cupping and massaging her breasts, which brought even more pleasure to her, Terri could feel a tidal wave of lust forming within her body. Harry REALLY knew how to eat pussy, she told herself. As a result, Harry usually helped her to a quick and violent orgasm, when using his tongue. With the feeling getting stronger in her, Terri writhed and panted in a sexual frenzy beneath Harry as he continued forth with his oral work. Now, the blonde was giving each of her nipples pinches - which brought even MORE pleasure. "I’M GONNA CUM!" she screamed, at the top of her lungs. Harry let out a moan as he burrowed his mouth against Terri’s overheated pussy. A second later, the juices started to erupt from her pussy - and right into Harry’ awaiting mouth. As he sucked and slurped her cum down his throat, Terri continued to cry and squirm upon the floor in nothing but sheer, uncontrollable lust.

"Oh my..." Terri panted a short time later, as she sat up and looked at both Lee and Harry. Her long blonde hair, which had been perfectly styled before, was a complete mess now. Her make-up, also immaculate before, was ruined. And, she had already worked up a sweat with all the hot, intense action which had transpired thus far. "I want to get fucked," Terri cried, almost as if she were begging. She looked at both guys - and each of them had hard, erect cocks. There was no reason for her to choose between them... "I want both of you to fuck me, at the same time." The guys looked at each other and smiled. "I want one of you in my pussy, and the other in my ass." She paused and cried, "I don’t care who fucks me where. All I care about is that both of you fuck me, at the same time!"

Not surprisingly, both guys granted her request.

After getting rid of her blouse and bra, Lee got onto the floor and laid down upon his back. Terri lowered herself onto his cock, which stood up like a flagpole. Once it was inside of her pussy, she leaned all the way over - until her large, jug-like breasts were touching Lee’s strong chest. Whatever apprension he felt before... it was gone now. Harry proceeded to smear Terri’s anus with some protective lubricant. Then, he got onto his knees behind her upturned ass and rubbed his hard shaft against her puckered anus. After a few seconds of teasing her, Harry then forged his erection into the vice-tight entrance of her ‘backdoor’. Her eyes shut, Terri let out a loud scream as both men started to pump themseleves in and out of her. Her head arched way back, Terri then mustered a big smile. She LOVED getting double-fucked by two, big cocks at the same time. Grasping her hips, Harry pumped his shaft in-and-out of Terri’s anus as Lee pumped and vibrated his hips in a continual upward motion. As the centerpiece of a deluxe, otherwise male sandwich, Terri continued to scream and cry out in pure, uncontrollable ecstasy.

Having known Terri for a long time, Harry was well aware that she LOVED getting fucked in the ass. Likewise, he LOVED fucking her in the ass! Harry knew that Terri would take a cock up her ass, just as soon as she’d place one in her mouth and/or stuff one in her pussy. But since he knew her so well, Harry also realized what Terri was thinking at this current moment - as both he and Lee double-fucked her. Harry smiled at the thought. He KNEW that right now, Terri was wishing there was a third man to help please her. That way, she could have cocks in both her pussy and ass, plus her mouth at the very same time! Harry KNEW that thought was going through her mind.

And to no great shock, he was correct. Terri wished there was a third man, so ALL of her orafices could be filled! Actually, she wished there were more than three men... like 20 or 30. Terri could NEVER have enough cock at her disposal, you know.

The action hit a fever pitch as Lee and Harry continued to pound their way into Terri’s pussy and ass, respectively. Each man was thrusting their hips at full speed, while using every last ounce of strength in their body to do so. The hot sound of bodies slapping together echoed throughout the entire apartment as each man continued to drill away. At the same time, Lee pawed at Terri’s breasts with his hands, as they bounced and jiggled around, above him. With all of this attention, the slut never once stopped her screams and cries of passion. Her mouth was non-stop, as it spewed various profanities, as well as a lot of incoherent words. She was being driven CRAZY by these two studs...

Due to the vice-tight grip which Terri’s anus placed upon Harry’ cock, he was the first to experience an orgasm. After letting out a loud growl, Harry forcefully grabbed the blonde’s hips and then buried his cock in her ass, all the way to his balls. Harry then exploded inside of her... his prick was like a hot geyser, as it shot out, and filled and flooded her bowels to the max. Writhing and squirming about, Terri continued to scream as she felt Lee’s shaft erupt inside of her as well. Just as Harry’ orgasm settled down, Lee’s started up. With his hips thrusted upwards, Lee roared in passion as his cock shot itself off in Terri’s sweet pussy. Not only had she been full of cock, but now Terri was full of sperm, too!

Once Harry pulled out from within her anus, the nympho rolled off of Lee and collapsed onto the floor. On her stomach with her ass upturned, Terri slipped a hand between her thighs and started rubbing away at her pussy. At the same time, both Harry and Lee watched in amazement as gobs of their cum simply flowed from both her anus and pussy. It was like a waterfall, as Terri continued masturbating...

* * *

As things turned out, Terri did not get to sleep until 4:00am that morning. She fucked both guys several times more, then promised them that there WOULD be a gang-bang on Sunday evening. With Lee added to her gang-bang circle, Terri now had SEVEN men who would fuck her at the same time! But when this particular coupling was finally over, Lee and Harry left the apartment with big smiles on their faces. Terri had given each of them the type of sexual workout that most men could only dream about...

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