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Dream Camping

My favorite fantasy has to do with a camping trip. Not surprising since

I probably camp or hike 125 days a year. Anyway, my girlfriend and I are camping

with another couple or one of her friends. I don’t know where the location

would be but let’s put a lake nearby, just in case.

We make our camp, setting up two tents, and the "kitchen", before night-

fall. After the evening meal, we all sit around a campfire, enjoying the

coolness of a summer evening after a hot summer’s day. Talk ranges from the

silly to the hilarious, as we tell jokes and stories. Soon it is time to

bed down for the night and that’s when the fantasy really begins.

We enter our tent, and arrange the sleeping bags and other articles

before undressing for bed. When "Kelly" removes her top and bra, I’m aroused

by the sight of her breasts, illuminated by a the light of a single candle-

lantern. I reach over and gently cup my hand under her breast, lifting it

slightly so that its weight rests fully in my hand. I feel her response as

she gasps a little in suprise. I bend my head forward and flick my tounge

over her nipple several times before I take it between my lips and gently

suck it, using my lips to roll her nipple back and forth.

"Ummm, you’d better let me finish undressing before you start that." she

whispers, "Or do you want to do it for me?"

I simply release her in silent reply, undressing as she does. I marvel

at the beauty and elegance of her form. From the graceful lines of her face,

to her full breasts that fill my hands so nicely, and down to her hips, with

their tantalizing curves and the patch of orange-red hair centered between

them. Her legs are nicely shaped, and as she extends them out onto the

sleeping bags, I envision how beautiful they look wrapped around my waist.

After blowing out the candle-lantern, I turn to lay down, and she places

a hand against my chest.

"Stay there a minute." she says. And with that, she sits up and begins to

return the caress that I gave her a minute ago. Her head bends down and I

feel her breath against my nipple. Then her tounge is teasing and caressing

at the same time. Finally, she sucks the nipple into her mouth, rapidly

running her tounge around it. Her hand strays to my thigh, caressing the

inside, tantalizingly close, but still keeping away. I know this game, and

its name is estacy.

She lifts her head and smiles in the darkness. I can barely see her but

her blue eyes are sparkling with secret suprises. Through the darkness I

reach for her waist, sliding my hands up until my thumbs are underneath her

breasts, drawing her close to me. We kiss, gently at first, with tender

and sensitive tounges playing over one another until the intensity of the

night begins to fan the flames of desire. Tounges begin to run wild, first

in her mouth, then in mine. Our hands are caressing, kneading and pinching

flesh on one another, promising more later, and wanting it now.

A giggle breaks the spell, as we realize the thin nylon of the tent does

nothing to stop sound. We listen to our friends for a moment, trying to

figure out if we’ve been overheard. Another giggle, followed by a slight

moan tells us we need not worry about them. We return to our private little

heaven, kissing to restore the flames.

Kissing her all over, ignoring the place she wants kissed most of all,

while at the same time, returning my hands to her nipples, to lightly pinch

and pull on them I can hear her breathing becoming heavier and watch the

rise and fall of her hips.

Without warning, she suddenly sits up, grabbing my shoulders and forces

me onto my back. Suprised, I lay down on the sleeping bag, as she half-

stands inside the little tent. As her pussy descends towards my face I can

hear a lusty voice whisper, "Don’t tease me. Eat my pussy damn it."

Her thighs on either side of my head, I open my mouth and use my tounge

explore her moist tender pussy. I’m suprised by her wetness, and the force

of the rythmic motions her hips are generating. Her hands are in my hair,

pulling up on my head, making me realize she’d wanted this all night.

On and on into the night. She grinds her pussy against my tounge and

pulling my head into her thighs threatens to pull my hair out. On and on,

her breathing is comming in shorter and shorter breaths. Her wetness is

everywhere it seems. I can feel it in my moustache, on my cheeks, and even

some running down my neck from my chin. She announces her orgasm with

short breaths and little cries, while her whole body spasms and shudders its

approval. My lips are pressing and sliding over her clit in off-rythym beat

to her contractions, trying to prolong her pleasure.

Finally, she is spent. For now the afterglow of her orgasm will make her

limp and exhausted. She rolls over onto her side next to me, and a heavy

sigh escapes from her lips. "Oh God,", she whisper-sighs, "I love the way

you eat me."

She looks up at me with those eyes full of love and contentment, and she

smiles as she continues "You love it too, don’t you?"

"Of course." I say, even though my jaws ache, "It give me a chance to

watch you respond. A chance to watch you enjoying it. And I love the way

you taste."

She giggles and mentions my wet moustache as she runs a finger over it,

letting me lick her finger. She puts her hand against my jaw and chin in

preparation for a kiss, and she’s suprised too by the wetness on my face.

"Is that all me?" She asks.

"Now who else would it be, mizz creamy thighs?"

It’s then that she realizes that her thighs are moist with her own come,

now that the glow is fading. I reach over, catching her hand brushing the

inside of her thigh, testing the wetness, and bring it to my lips. As I lick

her fingers, I say to her, "You were wet from the start. You’ve been plan-

ning this for a while, haven’t you? What else have you been planning?"

Her reply again takes me by suprise. Without saying a word, she pushes

me onto my back, and begins to suck my cock with abandon. Her head is

bobbing up and down, and I feel her fingers lightly caressing my balls. Not

being too incredibly stupid, I ask no more questions, but I’m spellbound

watching her gulp my rod with fevor.

She stops sucking, pausing to lick the underside of the head and shaft

right where I’m the most sensitive. Then, using her hand on my saliva coat-

ed cock to continue my pleasure, she looks at me with an impish gleem in her

eye. "I want to suck you off tonight. I want you to come as much as you can

in my mouth. I want to taste your come and feel it running down my neck.

Then I want you to eat my pussy while I suck you hard again. After that I

want you to fuck my cunt from behind while you grab my tits. I want you to

fuck me all night."

I moan just before she leans over and kisses me, thrusting her tounge into

my mouth. My fingers find her nipples and I give them a pinch and tug to

let her know she’s got me where she wants me. She moves and straddles my

legs, letting her breasts lean down and touch my rock hard cock. Her hands

jerk my cock against her soft warm breasts, and I can see them wriggle with

her movements.

Her lusty whispers again; "You’d like me to jack you off on my tits

wouldn’t you? You’d love to shoot your jism all over me. That’s what you

want, isn’t it? To shoot your hot come all over my tits?"

"Uh-huh." is all I can reply. I’m hers, totally spellbound by her lusty

and earthy talk. I couldn’t leave now even if a bear showed up in the tent.

Her mouth descends again onto my shaft, making soft noises of wetness. It

is her eagerness to please me that has me so aroused that my cock feels like

it will burst. Without taking her mouth away, she moves herself to my side,

the two of us forming a slightly bent "tee". I hear a rustling sound in the

tent and I realize she’s reaching for something. I know what it is, and

when her hand reaches between her thighs, I take the large dildo from her

and slide it into her pussy. A gasping moan comes from somewhere in the

darkness, and I feel a renewed attack on my loins. Roughly, I plunge the

dildo into her soft flesh, feeling her hips move back each time to meet my

thrusts. On the fifth push, I place my hand at the base and let her lean

back into it, taking it as deep as she wants. Her hips almost touch the

floor of the tent as her greedy twat tries to draw it deeper.

Her hand comes back and grabs my wrist, taking my hand away from it’s

present duty, placing it instead on one of her tits. Understanding I begin

to squeeze and pull on her nipple. I notice her other hand has now moved

between her thighs and she’s using the dildo herself. "She doesn’t want me

worrying about her orgasm" I think to myself.

Fatigue takes its toll, and I suggest she roll over on her back. As she

does, her hand never leaves my cock. As she lays down, she takes the moment

to encourge me by saying "Oh I <want> you to fill my mouth. Fill it with

your hot creamy cum. Give it to me."

The sight of this naked woman, trying her damndest to please me, and at

the same time telling me she wants me to come in her mouth is more than I

can take. As her mouth encircles my cock, I feel the volcanic rise and

tingle of my orgasm. As her tounge licks under the head, the first sprut

rushes into her mouth, followed quickly by another, then another. Her hand

pulls my cock out as another gush of cream splashes against her lips and

chin. She slides up underneath me and half sits up, bringing her tits up to

my still gushing rod. More come leaps from my cock, landing on her heaving

breasts, as she cups one hand under her right nipple and forces the next

spurt into her palm. As I watch in a complete stupor, she tries to milk the

last of the come from my cock into her palm. Then she sucks me into her mouth

and rubs her palm against her nipples.

I collapse in a heap, still watching her as she plunges the dildo into

her pussy. Taking my cue from her mood tonight, I lean forward and spread

her lips, tounging back the hood of her clit. I look up to her, seeing her

face contorted by impending orgasm, and pause to give her some of her own

treatement. "I’d love to shoot some nice hot jism on your clit right now."

This was just what she wanted, and her thighs close and her hips rise as her

orgasm arrives. My mouth automatically closes on her clit, feeling the

vibrations in it, my tounge trying to prolong it for her.

The next five minutes are spent in saying "thank you!" to each other using

gentle kisses and caresses. Both of us enjoying the warm afterglow that

always follows our lovemaking.

"I gotta pee." She says, and we both giggle, knowing that this means a

trip outside and some rather primitive conditions. She gets up and quietly

unzips the tent, peering outside as if she expected a crowd. Then up and

outside she goes, wearing nothing but a smile. I sit up and watch as her

nude form moves gracefully across our camp in the moonlight. She moves to

the bushes outside the camp and disappears from sight.

After ten minutes, I’m getting worried and I look out through the opening

where she disappeared. No Kelly. Exiting the tent, I pad quietly across the

camp to where she disappeared. As I am about to round the bush, I hear a

giggle, no, two giggles. Quiet as a mouse, I peer around the bush, and see

not only Kelly, but Kim as well. Both are completely naked in the moon-

light. I can clearly see Kim’s large dark nipples against the light skin

of her breasts. I can also see quite clearly that Kim is licking Kelly’s

nipples and fondling Kelly’s pussy. Kelly moans slightly, as Kim’s mouth

closes around the other nipple.

"Tastes good." Kim says.

"My turn." Kelly whispers.

Kelly kneels down as Kim spreads her legs wide, and Kelly buries her face

in Kim’s blonde bush. Kim gasps and grabs Kelly’s head for balance as

her hips begin to move back and forth. It is then I discover that my feet

have taken root in the ground.

"That tastes good too." Kelly says as she stands up. She rubs her tits

against Kim’s tits, kissing her in the process. "Is Brad asleep?"

"Snoring like a baby when I left him." Kim replies.

"Well, that means two on one then." Kelly says, a slight hint of a shared

secret between them. Then I realize their secret. They’d planned to swap

partners after meeting out here. They were tasting each other’s boyfriend’s

come to see what was in store for later! As the girls started up the slope,

I hightail it back to the tent and pretended to be half-asleep.

Kelly comes into the tent first, not bothering to zip it up, the reason was

obvious! As I roll over, she plants her mouth over mine and kisses me

furiously. I feel hands on my cock, stroking it to full hardness. Then a

warm wetness envelopes my cock and Kelly sensing my confusion sits up and

giggles. I look down, and Kim looks up. In the moonlight I could see

her smile around my cock, then she plunged her mouth down to the root of my

shaft, forcing me to moan.

"His tounge is good too." Kelly told Kim. "I bet you’ll like it almost

as much as mine." Then to me, she said, "Brad is asleep, and Kim’s still

very horny. We’ve planned this for too long to give up now."

"Your tounge?" I asked.

"Um-Hmm." She smiled. "Kim and I have been lovers since high school.

Believe it or not, we were both too shy to go out with boys. We’ve done a

lot of things together, but we’ve never shared a boyfriend before."

"I’m not going to protest." I assured her.

"Kim, why don’t you let him eat your pussy? Besides, he hasn’t come

inside me yet tonight"

Kim reluctantly let my cock slip from between her lips, and in one fluid

motion placed her moist womanhood in front of my face, turning to face my

feet. Kelly lowers herself onto my shaft, and begins to rock her hips while

I blissfully tounge Kim. Reaching up for Kim’s nipples, my hands find

Kelly’s face and I realize that she is sucking Kim’s tits. A pair of

hands take mine (Kim’s I think) and guide them to Kelly’s breasts. There

I can feel some slight moistness left over on her, and another pair of hands

rubbing the places I missed.

I continue to tounge Kim’s moist hole, wondering if what I tasted was

her or her boyfriend, when Kelly suddenly slips off my cock and I feel Kim

bend down and suck me into her mouth. I cease to care who or what I was

tasting, as Kim sucks with the wild abandon that Kelly had shown earlier.

I concentrate on Kim’s pleasure instead, licking and probing to see where

she likes it. Kelly remounts me, and begins to rock me hard.

I feel fingers probing Kim’s clit, and I’m sure they belong to Kelly

to judge by the fingernails. Kim’s hips were now rocking back and forth

against my mouth, trying to keep her clit centered against a constantly

moving tounge. I decide to see if I could make her come right away, and

slid first one, then two fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh, JeeeZUS." Kim cried.

Then I captured her clit between my lips and tried to pull it into my

mouth, pressing my lips behind it to slow the flow of blood to this most

sensitive area. Her hips stopped rocking instantly, but they began short

up and down motions very quickly. I rapidly flick my tounge against her

clit and release the pressure a second later.

"Unngh FUUUCK!" Kim fairly shouts as she shoves her cunt against my

lips as hard as she could. I could feel her shuddering climax and her cunt

seemed to gush come. She keeps grinding her snatch against my face as

though she was just approaching orgasm.

"Eat me!" She hissed. "Keep eating me. Make me come."

I understood then, that she could keep coming, multiple orgasms. Her

next orgasm arrived quickly, again I’m pressing on her clit. This time,

she seemed like she was going to jump off of me, and her pussy was making

wet noises against my chin. She tried to force her clit into my mouth,

and I eagerly flicked it with my tounge. This time I was rewarded with

high pitched little cries that sounded like sobs just before she rolled

off and flopped on the sleeping bags.

"I think she liked that." Kelly says through a smile.

"So did I. I don’t know who’s wetter, her or me." I reply.

Kelly suprises me by leaning over and kissing me passionately. Then she

starts licking Kim’s come off my chin and neck. Kim meanwhile is in

her afterglow, watching.

"Just a second." Kelly says. With that she climbs over to her girlfriend

and spreads her legs. I watched, knowing that I was ready again, as Kelly

began tounging her friend.

"She’s the wetter one, but not by much." Kelly said after a minute. Then

sitting up and looking at her friend smiling and limp, "Worth it?"

"Ummm, yes!" Kim grinned, then looking at me, "You know, you’re the

first guy that’s EVER been able to get me to come more than once just by

giving me head. The only other person who’s done that is Kelly. Shit,

I came three times!"

"I told you he had a wicked tounge." admonished Kelly.

Kelly looks over at me, glances at my cock, and told Kim that it looked

like I was ready to go again. Kelly moved up and straddleing Kim’s head as

Kim brought her legs up and wide.

Needing no urging, I move into position to fuck Kim. Kelly is helping

by holding Kim’s legs up. I reach under Kim and place my hands under

her ass, and lift her up as I plunge down.

Kim’s gasping moan is slightly muffled by Kelly’s thighs. I look up at

Kelly, and she returns my gaze. Leaning forward, she kisses me and tounges

my lips.

"Fuck her good. She deserves a good hard fuck." Kelly whispers.

I plunge into Kim’s pussy, feeling her wetness against my loins. It’s

hot and steamy with fragrant sex odors in our tent, and we’re all joined in

the pursuit of pleasure. I can see that Kim is concentrating on getting

Kelly off, so I relax and enjoy the view, keeping my cock moving slowly in

and out of Kim cunt. I watch in the vauge light and see glistening drops

of Kelly-juice on Kim’s chin, so I bend down and lick them up.

Trying her own tricks on her again, I lean over to Kelly and whisper in

her ear, "is this what you like? Getting naked an having your girlfriend

bury her face in your twat? You like to rub your cunt all over her face?"

The reaction came immediately. Kelly fairly sobs as she clutches me for

support. Grinding her pussy against Kim’s face, I reach up an pinch her

nipples, and this brings another cry from Kelly.

"Goddamit!" Kelly hisses, "don’t stop you slut! Suck it. Fuck! Don’t

tease me, please! I’m gonna come again."

Again, I whisper, "That’s it, make her face nice and wet. Rub that juicy

wet cunt of yours all over her mouth. I bet you’d like her to eat my cum

out of your pussy too."

This time Kelly pulls me to her, burying her face in my shoulder to keep

from shouting. Making noises into my shoulder, Kelly’s body is rocked by

shudder after shudder, each time, crying out. Each time, her hips move

jerkily over Kim’s mouth. When it’s all over, Kim slides out from under

Kelly, and Kelly collapses on the floor. I look over at Kim, sitting there

smiling at Kelly. She looks at me, and I see that her face is soaked with

Kelly’s come. I move over to Kim, and kiss her, thanking her for making

Kelly happy. I lick her chin and cheeks, using a finger to place some of

the tasty come on one of her large dark nipples. As I do, the nipple

hardens, and I lick it to full attention.

"What about you?" Kim asks. "You haven’t come yet."

"You want to remedy that?" I ask.

"What do you want me to do?"

Smiling, I ask Kelly if she want to help us get off. Reluctant to give up

her afterglow, but willing to please us both, she agrees.

"What do want us to do?" Kelly asks.

"All Kim has to do is sit right there." I reply, "and let me come in her

mouth like I did with you tonight."

"OK." Kelly says, "what do you want me to do?"

"You kneel next to Kim, and jack me off into her mouth. Sit close to

her so she can pinch your nipples and play with your pussy."

As we shifted positions, Kim fastened her mouth on my cock, and sat back

with her arms behind her, half reclining. Kelly first started slowly stroking

my shaft, then pulling it out of Kim’s mouth, she sucked it for a minute.

Kim protested and Kelly gave it back. Kelly used her free hand to twist a

nipple on Kim and I could see her hips move in resonse.

"Do you talk to Kim like you talk to me?" I ask.

"No." Was Kelly’s reply, "ususally I talk dirtier to her. After all, she’s

my best friend and she knows I’m trying to turn her on."

"That’s ‘cause you’re such a horny fucking slut.’ Kim replied.

"Look who’s sitting naked in a tent, sucking off a guy after licking my

pussy. You’re the horny slut, bitch. You’re the one who taught me to like

the taste of a guy’s come. You’d lick his cum off my clit wouldn’t you?"

Kim, obviously turned on, was trying to suck my cock down her throat,

and Kelly’s hand was in the way. Kelly let go and watched Kim swallow my

cock all the way down. Then I saw a gleam in Kelly’s eye. She brought up

the dildo, and placed it in her own pussy. Kim continued her sucking not

seeing Kelly. After a few moments, Kelly told Kim to lift her ass up, and

she slides the dildo up Kim’s ass. Kim pauses her sucking to groan but

quickly resumes with a passion.

"You like that up your ass?" Kelly asks. "You like sucking off a guy while

I fuck your asshole with a dildo? A nice, thick hard rod up your fucking

ass makes you feel horny doesn’t it?

Kelly is fingering Kim’s pussy with one hand and trying to jack me off

with the other. Kim, overwhelmed a bit, pulls away to moan and gasp.

Kelly leans down an gently bits and tugs at a nipple.

"You bitch!" Kim hisses "Suck my tits. I’m gonna make you lick all his

come off my tits. Then I’m going to fuck him right in front of your face.

I’m gonna make him come all over my twat while you watch."

"No" Kelly replies, "I’m going to pull his cock out of you when he comes,

and let him come in my mouth. Then I’m going to grab your face and kiss you

so you while he fucks your slut cunt some more."

The talk finally got to me.

"He’s about to come Kim, get your mouth on his cock. Let him come in

your mouth. Oh God it’s getting big!"

While Kelly kept stroking, I felt the rush starting. The first blast of

jism came rushing into Kim’s mouth full and hard. It must have been a lot

for Kim had to pull back. The second wave came out as Kim was inches

from my cock. The sperm hit her mouth and the side of her face making thick

white bunches on her skin.

Kelly pushed Kim back up, while bringing my cock down. As I looked Kim

was cupping her tits like Kelly had. The next spurt felt like it came from

my toes, with Kelly pumping it out. This landed on the end of Kim’s chin and

seemed to hang there. The next one was a gusher like the first, and this one

hit Kim squarely half way up her left tit. About the same time, the drop on

her chin landed just above her right nipple. Kelly then aimed my cock at

Kim’s hands, and I fired my last great wad right on Kim’s left nipple.

Kelly took that time to suck on me too, as I watched Kim’s reaction. She

was sitting there, come all over her tits smiling and not moving. I learned

why seconds later.

Kelly turned to her friend, whose tits were literally covered with my jizz.

Kelly looked puzzled for a moment then said "My fantasy?"

Kim nodded yes, and Kelly without hesitation stood up as Kim reclined

against me. Kelly spread her pussy and started rubbing her bared clit against

Kim’s jism soaked nipple. Kim returned the favor by pushing her tit into

Kelly’s pussy, trying to fuck her with it.

Kelly stopped after a minute and knelt beside Kim and stuck out her

tounge. Kim, taking her hand with my jism on it pushed it into Kelly’s face.

Kelly lapped her hand like a lost puppy, all the while fingering herself.

Kim then grabbed Kelly’s face rubbed it against her tits. Finally she

pushes Kelly onto her back and straddles her hips, pausing with a smile on

her face. Making a kissing movement with her lips, Kelly partially sat up

to kiss her friend. Then I saw Kim open her mouth just above Kelly’s and my

first wad of cum flowed from her mouth onto Kelly’s tounge. Kim then pushed

Kelly back and dribbled the last of it down her chin onto Kelly’s nipples.

"You want a tit fuck?" Kim asked as she slid her wet pussy over Kelly’s

nipple. "Bitch, you really like that cum-kiss didn’t you? You’re such a

fucking slut, did you like rubbing your cunt on my cum-soaked tits? I bet

it got you off. I bet you want me to make your tits wet with my come now."

Kelly just smiled and relaxed. Finally, Kim relaxed too.

"I love you." Kim says to Kelly.

"I love you too." Kelly replies, then to me, "and I love you too."

"Oh!" Kim suddenly perks up. "What’re we going to do for tomorrow nite?"

"It’s Brad’s turn." I reply. "I don’t think I’ll be able to handle this

two nights in a row."

"Men." Kim says, "they just can’t take us in twos."

As the girls cuddle and talk in conspiritorial tones, I drift off to a

quiet blissful sleep, hoping secretly that the plans Brad and I had for the

girls tomorrow won’t kill us both.



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