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For Granted - Part II




"Where's dinner?" her husband called out to Janice when he got home

from work.

"If you don't mind, I thought we'd go out to eat." she yelled from

upstairs in their bedroom.

Normally, her husband preferred a home cooked meal, and Janice

expected him to object to her suggestion, but he surprised her.

"Let me give the Carsons a call. We were suppose to meet them later

for drinks anyway, so they might as well join us. How's The Landing


"I thought we might go over to Don's place. We haven't been there in a

while." Janice replied quickly.

She was hoping to run into Simon again since he lived so close to the

small tavern. This was the reason she was getting dressed up.

"Okay, I'll tell them to meet us there for supper, then we'll all go

to the Landing for drinks when we're done." Tom yelled back.

Janice wasn't the only one with a motive for wanting to go out. After

hearing from Jack about how the hot redhead drained his balls this

morning, he wanted to see her again. In a perverse sense, this was Tom's

way of getting even with Simon. Several nights over the past six years

he heard Janice talk in her sleep and mention his name, but when he

asked her about it in the morning, she denied having any feelings for

him anymore. Tom didn't believe this, and suspected his wife was still

in love with her former boyfriend. He didn't plan last night's jaunt on

the patio with Simon's wife, but when it was over Tom looked at it as a

macho victory over the man his wife still cared for.

Janice finally came downstairs and announced she was ready to go. The

way she was dressed removed any doubts Tom had on how Janice felt about

Simon. Instead of the blouse, jeans, and sneakers that she usually wore,

Janice was decked out in a short pale-blue skirt, a tight fitting white

sweater, and heels. Right then, Tom made up his mind he was going to

fuck Simon's wife again, even if he had to go over to their house like

Jack did.


"Bob, will you tell him I need those shot glasses back. I only got

about five clean ones left!" the owner of the small tavern pleaded.

"Hear that, Simon? Don's cutting you off. Time to go."

"I'm not getting in that fucking boat again!" Simon shouted without

even looking up.

"What's your position on cars?"

Back and forth they went, Bob trying to get Simon to leave, and Simon

trying to get Bob to stay and drink with him. In the end, Simon won, but

only after Bob made him promise to eat something. Bob had seen his best

friend like this before, and knew all to well how belligerent he could

get. Don came over to the table then and asked, "Can I take these away


"Shit, it's about time!" Simon said.

Playfully, and not too hard, Don hit Simon over the head with a tray

he was carrying.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Simon finally asked Bob.

"Remember, you and Mel were suppose to come over for dinner tonight.

Well, if Mohammed won't go to the mountain, then the mountain will come

to Mohammed." Bob said as Melissa and Bob's wife Sue walked in.

Simon became very quiet when the two women sat down to join them.

While Sue and Melissa discussed the differences between life in the woods

and big city, Bob studied his friend. Something was troubling him, and

had been all day. He then noticed that every time Simon looked at

Melissa, he did so with a scowl. They must be fighting, he thought, and

sensed that things could get ugly, especially considering how much Simon

had to drink already. When Don came over to their table again, Bob

promptly ordered steak dinners for everyone. From past experience, he

knew this wouldn't change Simon's mood, but it would sober him up and

make him more reasonable. Melissa and Sue continued to talk up a storm

during dinner and, thankfully, Simon didn't argue when Melissa suggested

he quit drinking, at least until they finished eating.

The food did help. This, plus making him drink several cups of coffee

after dinner and splashing his face with ice-cold water in the small

bathroom, had Simon coherent now. He could focus his eyes, and knew

where he was and who was with him. When he talked, his speech wasn't

slurred and he could be understood.

"You okay, pal?" Bob asked before they went to rejoin their wives.

"Yeah, I'm doing better, thanks. Almost like old times, huh? Me

getting fucked up, and you coming to the rescue." Simon said as he dried

his face.

"Don't you think it's about time you stopped doing this kind of shit?"

"I guess so."

"Are you and Melissa getting along okay?"

"Boy, you sure are subtle." Simon answered.

"Come on, don't play any of your horse shit games, Simon! I've seen

the dirty looks you've been giving her. Fuck, you think I'm blind!"

"Hey, I can handle it."

"Look, we've been friends a long time. If you need someone to talk to,

I'll listen. But, if you and Melissa are having problems, keep it to

yourselves. Quit making other people around you feel uncomfortable!"

"I'm feeling better and I'll behave. Now, why don't we go back out

there and have a good time."

While Bob and Simon were in the bathroom, two other couples had come

in. They were still talking with Melissa and Sue when the men returned,

so Bob invited them to sit down. Within five minutes, he regretted this

and was ready to pull his hair out. After just straightening out Simon

in the bathroom, Melissa started acting up, and she was a lot more vocal

about it than Simon had been.

Sitting at their large table were eight people, Simon and Melissa, Bob

and his wife Sue, Simon's former girlfriend Janice and her husband Tom

(the stranger Melissa fucked last night), and Jack (the man Melissa fucked

this morning) and his wife Mary.

The verbal assaults began when Simon went over and sat down next to

Janice, leaving Melissa to sit between Tom and Jack. She was very quiet

for awhile, but it didn't last long.

"So, Janice, I hear you two were quite the couple... some time ago."

Melissa said in the cattiest voice she had.

"I believe we still look good... together." Janice replied, making the

same pause for effect that Melissa had.

Everyone now knew that Melissa and Janice didn't like each other. Simon

could tell Melissa was jealous of the tall brunette, and loved it. Janice

knew she was making Simon's wife jealous, and she loved it too. This set

the stage for an evening none of them would forget. After the two women

tired of making snide remarks about each other, with Melissa coming out

on the short end of most of them, they began a more open and direct


Melissa started it by asking Tom to play some music on the jukebox so

they could dance. While giving both Janice and Simon a watch-what-I-do-

next look, she grabbed Tom's arm and got up from the table. If looks

could kill, Janice would have been strapped into an electric chair and

executed on the spot. Melissa only smiled at the fuming woman. As she and

Tom walked over to the jukebox, Melissa's left hand dropped to Tom's


While the two of them were selecting songs, Bob picked up the

conversation at the silent table, talking about a local fishing contest

coming up. His wife took this as her cue, and started talking to Mary

about how pretty she looked.

Jack's wife, only 20 years old, was the youngest of the group. Mary

was also the giddiest girl any of them knew, always laughing and

generally avoiding any serious conversations. Her assumed deficiency of

brain cells was overlooked though, because Mary, before Melissa showed

up, was the most flirtatious woman in town. With a wild mane of blonde

hair and a body that could grace any centerfold, she looked like she

just finished having sex all the time. This, plus the revealing clothes

she always wore, had every man's dick hard for miles around. What people

didn't know was that Jack encouraged Mary to look and act this way. He

was proud of the way men made a fuss over his wife. Nobody in town knew

that Jack and Mary were swingers, but a few of them were about to find


Sitting on Mary's right, Sue was shocked to see Jack's hand slide

under the short dress his wife was wearing. She tried not to look, but

couldn't take her eyes away as he pushed the hem of Mary's dress up,

exposing her young and slender thighs. Sue quickly glanced up, ready to

tell Jack he shouldn't be doing that in public, but he was grinning at

her and continued to move his wife's dress up higher. Bob was still

talking about the fishing tournament, and Simon and Janice were too busy

looking at their spouses to notice what was going on. Sue looked down

again as Jack began to rub the inside of Mary's thighs, her dress now up

to her waist. Mary was wearing a pair of crotchless pantyhose and

nothing else. Little wisps of blonde pubic hair poked through the lace

opening when Mary parted her legs to let Jack's fingers get closer to

her pussy. Sue thought that what the two of them were doing was vulgar,

and she knew she was wrong in watching them, but something had come over

her and she couldn't tear her eyes away.

While this was going on, Melissa and Tom began dancing. At first, they

kept a respectable distance from one another while traipsing around the

small area. Melissa then looked over at her husband and Janice. Moving

closer to Tom, she lowered her hand from his waist and placed in on his

rear end again. Janice was boiling inside. Not only did this east coast

bitch steal her first true love, she was now putting moves on her

husband as well.

Simon thought there was something strangely familiar about the way

Melissa and Tom looked together. Then it hit him. Tom must have been the

man Melissa fucked last night! Though not absolutely positive about it,

he felt certain that Tom was the one who made his wife act so


While talking with Jack, Bob could see that his wife was nervous about

something. Sue was wiggling around in her seat and her face was becoming

flush. She also kept glancing up at everyone, like she was doing

something she wasn't suppose to be doing. Sue had more wine than she

normally did and was on her fifth glass now, so he thought she was

feeling guilty about that, and didn't pay any more attention to her.

What Bob couldn't see was that Sue's left hand was on Mary's right

leg. While she watched Jack slide his index finger into his wife's

pussy, Mary surprisingly grabbed Sue's hand and placed it on her knee.

Sue's eyes bulged out and she thought of jerking it away, but then

everyone would know what was going on, so she kept her hand still. Mary

then leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table, and asked Simon

something. When the others looked at him and waited for his reply, Mary

moved her leg up against Sue's and slowly began to rub it. When Simon

started talking, Mary casually reached down and placed her hand on top

of Sue's. When she didn't try to pull it away, Mary gently slid Sue's

hand up her thighs.

Sue thought she was crazy for allowing something like this to happen,

but she also found it too stimulating to quit. Though she knew how

pleasing nylon felt on her own legs, there was something forbidden and

very exciting about feeling it on another woman's legs. As the blonde

continued to use her hand to massage herself, Sue's heart began to beat

wildly. She could feel the firmness of the girl's thighs and got more

turned on. Sue nearly jumped out of her skin when Jack's hand suddenly

replaced Mary's. She had a hard time breathing as he squeezed her hand

and brought it up to the open crotch of his wife's pantyhose. Sue could

feel the heat rising from Mary's pussy as Jack moved her hand closer and

closer. Sue's fingertips felt the soft hairs between the blonde's legs,

and she quickly swallowed another sip of wine, choking on it.

Turning away from Simon for a moment, Bob asked, "Are you okay,


"Just went down the wrong pipe." Sue said after clearing her throat,

but she didn't remove her hand from Mary's pussy even though Jack had

removed his.

Janice was silently sitting next to Simon, doing a slow burn as she

watched Melissa and her husband dance. Melissa was now blatantly rubbing

his butt in a suggestive manner, while shoving her breasts against him.

She couldn't blame Tom for pulling the sleazy tramp closer, and she

could even understand it when he put one of his legs between hers.

Melissa then started to grinding her pussy up and down on Tom's thigh.

Janice didn't like this one bit and decided it was time to show the east

coast slut that she could play the same game. Grabbing Simon's hand, she

angrily pulled him up from his chair and said, "Follow me."


"You should see those people out there! You'd think I was running was

a whore house or something." Don said to his wife as he brought a tray

of dirty dishes into the kitchen.

"What's going on?" Kathy asked.

"You know that girl who's always showing off to the guys?"

"She at it again?"

"No, it's worse!"

"What's she doing this time?"

"You won't believe me, so you better take a look for yourself."

"Let me finish cleaning this pot first." Kathy told her husband. "You

know, sometimes I think you're just a horny old goat who'd like to get

into her pants. The poor girl just likes to have fun, and since her

husband doesn't mind, I don't understand why you always have to make a

big deal out everything she does."

"Oh, yeah! Well, wait till you see what that poor girl of yours is

doing this time!"

Unknown to Don, Kathy was envious of Mary's looks, body, youth, and

the steady fucking she knew the blonde was getting. Kathy, on the other

hand, had to masturbate for her sexual relief because Don was always too

busy with their tavern. Even at fifty years old, Kathy was still in

pretty good shape and had received many offers from the men who came in.

Since she felt it would be wrong to cheat on her husband, she turned

them all down and masturbated instead. In fact, it was the blonde's

husband who really got her hooked on masturbating.

Jack had been trying to talk her into going to bed with him for some

time, but Kathy just considered his advances nothing more than friendly

flirting, albeit a little crude at times. About a year ago, when the

place was empty, he came in and started making a play for her again. As

usual, Kathy politely turned him down. Jack finished his beer and just

before leaving, he handed her a box, saying that until she changed her

mind it was something to remember him by.

After he was gone, Kathy opened the package, expecting to find a long

stem rose or type of flower. What she found was anything but flowers,

and she started to laugh. Jack had given her a dildo! She heard of

these, but never actually saw one before. It was two feet long, and each

end of the flexible rubber shaft was molded to look like the head of a

man's prick. Kathy wondered about its unusual size and shape. The naive

woman was confused. There was no way she could possibly get both ends of

the thing in her at once, so why did it have two dick heads?

Kathy put the dildo to good use though. She quickly became experienced

at using it, and after only a few days was addicted to masturbating with

it. For the first time in her life she could have a hard dick in pussy

for as long and as many times as she wanted it. She even stopped

bothering Don about having sex altogether. He didn't seem to mind,

because their constant bickering with one another had ceased, and Kathy

was in a better mood.


Jack kept talking to Bob, knowing that if he didn't and things got

quiet, Sue would move her hand away from Mary's pussy. While pretending

to be interested in what Bob was saying, Jack put his hand back under

the table and searched for Sue's. Both women stiffened when they felt

his fingers. Bob rambled on about his favorite subject while, right

across from him, his wife and Jack were rubbing Mary's pussy.

"Oh!" Mary sighed loudly when Jack's finger plunged into her wet slit

and he wiggled it around. "That's right, and if you don't get the hook

set just..." Bob continued, as if Mary was suddenly interested in


Sue had to stifle a giggle at her husband's ignorance. With all the

wine, plus the outrageous things the three of them were doing, a crazy

idea popped into Sue's head. Moving her fingers above Jack's, Sue parted

the slippery lips of Mary's pussy and began stroking her clit with the

tip of her fingernail. Another sigh came from Mary, but Bob kept right

on talking. Sue then squeezed her hand around Mary's entire vulva,

leaving only a small puffy opening so Jack could continue to finger-fuck

his wife.

Mary bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out as Jack and Sue

played with her cunt under the table. The blonde had done some pretty

bizarre things since marrying Jack, but they had never anything in

public. Mary knew that most of the people in town thought she was a

flake and a tease. This was okay though, because she thought most of

them were boring. She wondered what people would say if they ever found

out that their recently elected Mayor's wife liked playing with another

woman's pussy.

Mary slowly began clenching and unclenching her ass cheeks, causing

her pussy to move up and down slightly. Jack shoved another finger

inside her and spread her pussy open. Sue released her grip from around

Jack's fingers, and then slid her middle one between his. At the same

time, they both pushed the digits into his wife's dripping hole. Mary

lost control, doubling over as though she had severe cramp in her


"Are you all right, Mary?" Bob asked.

"I'm... okay." the trembling girl barely managed to say.

"Why don't we go to the ladies room, honey." Sue said as she stood up.

Jack looked past his wife and said, "You'll make sure she's feeling

better before she comes... back, right Sue?"

"Don't worry, she'll feel a lot better by the time we come... back."

As the two women went to the ladies bathroom, Bob noticed a big wet

spot in the seat of Mary's pink dress and made a comment to Jack about


"She's got female problems... can't control her water very well." Jack

said convincingly, but knowing full well the stain was there because

Mary's pussy flowed juice easier than any woman he know of.


Out on the dance floor, it looked like Janice and Melissa had started a

dirty dancing contest. Each of them was lewdly sliding, rubbing, and

grinding their bodies against their dance partner's. Both Simon and Tom

had big grins on their faces while Melissa and Janice tried to out

perform each other. When Melissa slowly rotated her groin against the

crotch of Tom's pants, Janice did the same thing to Simon. Melissa then

stepped away a little, and seductively opened her blouse all the way.

Checking to make sure that Janice and Simon were still watching, she

placed Tom's left hand on her breasts and started sucking on the fingers

of his other hand.

Janice was fed up with the redhead's antics. Not thinking about what

she was doing and having a terrible temper to begin with, Janice was

going to show Melissa that she was sexier. Grabbing a chair from a near

by table, she dragged it over. After she made Simon sit down on it,

Janice spread his legs open and stood between them. Simon started to get

up, but she stopped him. "Sit down, Sy!" she shouted angrily, "She

started this, but I'm going to finish it!"

Kicking her heels off and lifting her skirt up to her waist, Janice

hooked her thumbs in the top of her pantyhose and panties and quickly

yanked them off. Simon got up again, but instead of pushing him back in

the chair, Janice deftly and suddenly had his pants open and down around

his ankles. When she was done, she shoved him back onto the chair.

Janice then quickly turned around and plopped down on Simon's lap, her

long and shapely legs on the outside of Simon's, and her hands gripped

tightly under the seat of the chair to prevent him from getting up

again. "Watch this!" Janice said to Melissa, and began rotating her ass

in circles over Simon's crotch, watching his dick grow hard as her pussy

rubbed its head.


Kathy finished up at the sink. Something wasn't right. Her head

snapped up, ears alert for any sound. All she heard was the music

playing in the other room, no talking or laughing. Turning her head

toward the swinging doors, Kathy spotted her husband sneaking over to

the pass-through window by the pool table and dance floor. Don was being

too quiet, so she dried off her hands on a towel and snuck up behind

him. A flash of light hit her eyes and she turned. It was only the

woman's bathroom light. One of the girls must have forgotten to turn it

off, she thought. Forever mindful of money, she'd turn the light off

first, then see what her husband was up to. Kathy couldn't believe her

eyes when she got to the bathroom.

The blonde haired Mary was straddling the toilet, her dress bunched up

around her waist and her legs spread apart. There was another woman

kneeling on the floor in front of her and she had her face between the

young girl's thighs. Kathy raced over to tell Don what was going on when

she was stopped dead in her tracks by another equally shocking sight.

Big Tom Jackson was in the middle of the dance floor, his pants around

his ankles, and a redhead was on her knees in front of him, sucking his


"Don, quick, come look at this!" Kathy whispered as loud as she dared.

Her husband turned around and said, "Never mind that, get over here and

see what these guys are doing!"

"I know, but you should see what's going on in the woman's bathroom!"

When Don turned around, his wife put her hands over her mouth and let

out a little shriek. He quickly stopped and spun his head around,

thinking he was missing something on the dance floor. Kathy walked up to

her husband, reached out for his hard dick, which was sticking out of

his pants, and began stroking it. Don then went to see what was going on

in the bathroom, Kathy right behind him, still holding onto his cock.

When he saw that the young blonde was getting her cunt eaten out by the

Mayor's wife, Don's jaw almost hit the floor. It didn't, but Kathy did,

with her knees. Bringing the tip of the biggest hard-on her husband ever

had up to her mouth, Kathy opened her lips and stuck her tongue out.


For reason, Mary looked at the bathroom door and noticed it was open a

little. She was about to reach out and close it when she saw that the

old coot who ran the place was spying on her. Deciding to let him get

his jollies, Mary opened the door a little more so he could get a better

look. She then pushed Sue away from her and turned around. Bending over

and raising her dress up, she looked at the kneeling woman behind her

through her legs and said, "Do me this way. After I come, I'll do you."

Sue couldn't believe the young blonde was being so bold, but she

placed her hands on Mary's ass anyway and then slid her tongue down

through the crack of her butt until she reached Mary's pussy again.


Cursing at him under her breath, Kathy still enjoyed sucking her

husband's already exploding cock. She had just gotten it into her mouth

when Don began spraying his cum all over the place. When he finished,

she let it pop out, and was more than surprised to see he was still

hard. Quickly unsnapping her jeans, she pushed them and her panties down

to her knees and laid on the floor in front of him. "Come on, honey,"

Kathy said while reaching up for him, "you can watch them and fuck me

before your dick gets soft. Hurry! Please, Don, fuck me!"

"I'll be right back." Don said, leaving his frustrated wife on the


She knew it was too good to be true. Don never wanted to make love to

her when she wanted it. Use to his neglect, but still on fire, Kathy

started masturbating right there on the kitchen floor.

Opening her pussy with the fingers of her left hand and shoving a

couple of them inside, she used the fingers of her right hand to

furiously rub against the base of her clit. Never touching the tip of

the super sensitive and elongated organ with her fingers, Kathy rolled

around on the floor as, once again, she had to fuck herself to reach an



After Janice started getting Simon's dick hard, Bob knew he had to

leave. This was no place for someone in his position to be. But his wife

and Mary were still in the bathroom. Bob suddenly went looking for Sue

when Melissa dropped to her knees and began sucking Tom's dick. As the

new Mayor, there was no way he could ever be associated with this new

turn of events. He had to get him and his wife out of there fast.

Hearing moans coming from the bathroom, Bob rushed to see if his wife

was okay.

There moaning all right, but it wasn't because Sue was sick, neither

was Mary for that matter. Both women were feeling just great. Bob was

startled to feel a hand at his crotch. Looking down, he saw Kathy, her

jeans around her ankles, trying to open up his fly.

"Are you crazy! Get your clothes back on! What's with you people?"

"Please, just let me suck you dick for a little while." Kathy pleaded.

"Get away from me!" Bob repeated as he turned around, backing up and

tripping over his wife's feet.

Burning with desire, Kathy crawled on her hands and knees and followed

Bob into the now very crowded woman's bathroom.

Mary jumped up and turned around when she heard the commotion. Seeing

Sue's husband frightened her at first, but then she saw he was too busy

trying to keep the owner's wife from opening his pants. Before Sue could

turn and see what was going on behind her, Mary grabbed the back of her

head and shoved her pussy at Sue's face. Sue moaned in protest, but

began eating and licking her again. The twenty year old blonde thought

it was so comical to see the Mayor try to keep his pants on while at the

same time his wife was eating her pussy. Kathy finally got his pants

open and was now trying to get them down, but Bob kept bringing them up.

"What's wrong with everybody? Have you all gone mad?" Bob said as he

pulled his pants up once again.

"What's the matter, Bob?" Mary asked, still holding onto Sue's head as

Bob's wife continued to lick her pussy.

"I know how to get her to stop." she told him.

"How?" he asked almost pleading.

Reaching down, Mary lifted up the back of Sue's dress, then spoke to


"Come on, honey, pull your panties down."

Sue raised herself up from the floor and did what Mary told her to do,

never letting her tongue slip away from the sweet tasting hole she was

munching on. Pulling the hem of Sue's dress all the way up to her waist,

Mary placed a hand on each cheek of her ass and looked at Bob.

"Well, what are you waiting for? She can't suck your cock if you're

fucking your wife."

Things were so confusing and surprising to Bob that he never thought

of just grabbing Sue and running out of the place. His whole thought

process was turned upside down and he couldn't think. Sue, his ever

faithful wife, the community leader for most of the town's charity

functions had her head under Mary's dress, licking, sucking, and eating

her pussy. And as if this wasn't bad enough, he had watched her

willingly drop her panties and stick her bare ass up in the air so he

could fuck her. The fact that Kathy was still trying to get his pants

down and suck his cock was of no concern to him anymore. If his decent

and loving wife was willing to participate in this crazy orgy, then why

should he object?

With all the sexual activity going on, Bob was suddenly torn between

letting Don's wife suck him off while he watched Sue eat out Mary, or

fucking Sue while she ate out Mary. Either way, Sue wasn't going to stop

eating Mary's pussy. All he really had to decide was what he wanted.

When Kathy pulled his pants down the next time, Bob didn't stop her, but

quickly hopped over to his wife and slammed his crotch up against her

exposed back side. Before he could do anything else, Mary wrapped her

arms around Bob's neck, giving him a deep and wet kiss as Sue reached

between her legs and searched for her husband's cock.

Kathy wildly kicked her jeans all the way off, got up from the floor,

and glared at everyone.

"Who needs you guys!" she spat at them as she left the bathroom.


"Where the hell you going?" Don asked Kathy as she hurried past him,

naked from the waist down.

"Fuck off, pencil dick!"

After his wife walked through the back door, leaving it open, he

rushed over to it and shout out, "Be careful, dear, it's the rutting

season. That lilly white ass of yours makes a pretty good target!"

The northern half of Wisconsin heard Kathy's reply.

"That's right, dear! Even the dumb animals use their cock at least

once a year, which is more than I can say for some people I know!


Jack was beginning to change his mind about this group. They weren't

so bad after all. From where he was sitting, he could see everything

that was going on, unlike poor old Don, who was still running back and

forth in the kitchen. Relieved to see that Bob was even in the spirit of

things, Jack decided to join the fun. He walked out to the dance floor

and stopped when he was standing behind the kneeling and sucking Melissa.

The flaming redhead was truly a sexual marvel. For her size and

appearance, it was amazing that she could do some of the things she did.

Her pussy had squeezed his cock so hard this morning that he thought she

was going to snap right it off, and she had to be the proverbial woman

who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Everything about her

spelled sex. There was only one thing he didn't try with her, and he was

sure she wouldn't object to doing it now. As Jack reached down to open

his pants, Janice yelled at him.

"Why don't you come over here. I'll suck your cock better than she

ever thought of doing it."

Janice was still teasing Simon, her pussy and hands rubbing the

enormous shaft of his cock, but not yet letting him penetrate between

the puffy lips of her gyrating hole. Jack looked up at Tom for his

approval. After all, it was only common courtesy with the people he and

Mary had been swinging with to get the consent of both spouses if they

were in the same room. Besides, Tom could and just might beat the shit

out of him if he didn't.

Tom looked over at his wife and asked, "No bullshit, you really wanna

suck his cock?"

"Why can't I? You're letting that fucking whore suck yours!"

"Calm down, baby! Go ahead and suck his cock if you want to."

Janice was really pissed at Melissa, and thought she was the most

spoiled brat she had ever run across. After years of baby sitting, she

knew how to deal with someone like this. All she had to do was take away

anything they wanted, until they learned how to behave. And Janice was

going to teach Melissa that lesson. If Simon's wife wanted sex, Janice

was willing to fuck and suck everybody there just so she couldn't, even

if it meant doing all of them at the same time. If Melissa wanted dick,

Janice was going to make sure that the only kind she got was a limp and

drained one.

Tom watched as Jack got undressed and then stepped up in front of his

wife. Simon's cock had been hard for what seemed like hours already, but

she hadn't put it in her pussy yet. Even though his dick was larger than

anyone's there, Janice couldn't be afraid of it since they went together

in high school, so what was Janice waiting for?

Melissa suddenly let Tom's cock pop out of her mouth and sprang up from

the floor. She then slipped the spaghetti straps of her dress off her

shoulders, and let the whole thing slide down her body. Once it was

around her ankles, she kicked it out of the way, piled her hair on top

of her head, and did a slow sensual turn. This caught everyone's eye,

even Janice's. To the steady beat of the music, Melissa then leisurely

took her lace panties off and kicked them in the air, somehow aiming for

and making them land on Tom's extended prick. Next, she turned her back

to Janice's husband and bent over from the waist. Slowly running both

her hands up the back of her nylons until they reached her small rear

end, she spread her cheeks open. Rotating her hips, Melissa looked up

from between her legs at Tom and asked, "You want to fuck me in the


As if hypnotized, Tom staggered toward the tiny redhead with the small

bottom she was inviting him to fuck. It didn't look like one of his

fingers could fit inside her tight hole, let alone his cock, but he sure

as hell was going to give it a try. Slowly stumbling forward with his

pants down, he watched Melissa spread her ass cheeks open wider for him.

Placing his hands on her hips, Tom brought her back to him. His dick was

way too far above her back side, and with his pants at his feet there

was no possibility of getting his cock at the right angle in this

position. He called Jack over to give him a hand with her while he took

his pants off. The two of them lifted the petite redhead up and placed

her on the nearest table on her hands and knees.


Officer Richard Todd was on patrol, driving through the dark woods and

occasionally stopping to check on the cabins not occupied by their city

owners. Things were pretty quiet, but then they always were.

"Rich, this is base, come in." the radio speaker blared.

"What is it, Joan?" he said into the mike.

"Are you anywhere near Don's Tavern?"

"Why? Does another drunk need a ride home? This ain't no taxi you

know. It's a patrol car and I'm a police officer."

"Don't worry big shot, nobody's going to puke in your car. I just got

a call about someone running around in the woods near Don's, that's



"So they're naked as they day they were born. Hustle on over there

before I put you on report."

"I was only kidding." Rich said.

"By the way, the caller said the lunatic is female! Base out."

Rich put the mike back and punched the accelerator. Since it was some

lady running around naked and not a guy, he didn't put his emergency

lights on, hoping he'd be able to catch whoever she was, instead of

scaring her off when he got there.


Kathy had retrieved the dildo Jack gave her from its secret hiding

place. After taking the rest of her clothes off, she walked back

outside, the double-headed fake cock swinging at her side like a billy-

club. Standing butt naked in the shadows, she poked her head around the

front corner of the tavern she and her husband owned and peeked in the


Big Tom Jackson's wife was on her knees on the dance floor now, not

the tiny redhead. The lovely looking brunette was sucking a cock, but it

wasn't her husband's. The man was as tall as Tom, but it wasn't Tom.

Kathy then noticed that people were behind Janice. It was Bob and the

young blonde she was so jealous of. They were fucking each other silly.

Kathy then looked around and finally spotted Jack. He and Tom were

really giving it to the redhead. She was kneeling on one of the table-

top video games, getting fucked from behind by Tom and sucking on Jack's


The sight of all those people fucking and sucking each other got her

juices flowing again. Leaning against the wall outside, Kathy spread her

legs apart and placed one end of her dildo up to her pussy. With both

hands, she slowly pushed the head inside her aching and very lubricated

hole. When she had about nine inches of it inside her, she remained

still. Thoughts of all those hard and ready to fuck cocks made her

tremble with a deeper desire. She wanted to just walk inside and grab

the first one within reach. Jack, Tom, Bob, or the other guy, she didn't

care which one it was. Sure the dildo did its job and allowed her to

enjoy orgasm after orgasm, but it wasn't the same as having a throbbing

live prick spray its hot liquid inside her clenching and willing box.

Nothing could replace that. Even though it was pure torture for her, she

had to have another look at what was going on.

Tom's wife was now straddling the guy she was sucking only moments

ago. She heard the loud sigh as Janice lowered herself down and took his

cock into her pussy. Kathy, not caring if any of them saw her now, stood

in front of the window and began fucking the dildo. She hoped one of

them might see her and invite her in to join their party.


"I'm gonna come!" Jack grunted, thrusting his hips and driving his

entire cock down Melissa's throat.

"Me too!" Tom shouted as he pounded her from behind.

Melissa was about to have her own orgasm and didn't want the men to

stop. Suddenly, she felt the cock in her mouth jerk and explode, firing

its cum. She somehow managed to swallow the first blast and the second

and the third one, but didn't swallow after that. She let the man fill

her mouth with his gooey sperm until she couldn't hold any more. Melissa

then parted her lips and let his cum run out, spilling down his still

hard dick. When the creamy fluid was dripping and hanging from his

balls, she swallowed what was in her mouth and then began to lick at the

rest of the cum on his groin.

She then felt the cock in her pussy expand just before it came. Melissa

clenched her cunt muscles around the thick and bursting cock, and pushed

herself back at the man behind her. The guy was coming in buckets, and

she could feel his load beginning to ooze out of her and slide down the

inside of her thighs. Even though they had both finished coming, their

stiff dicks kept banging away at her mouth and pussy.

Melissa had long since forgotten how this all got started, and didn't

even care. The only thing she was concerned about was reaching her own

climax and enjoying both of them. As their dicks continued to plunge in

and out of her mouth and pussy, Melissa thought of the last time she had

two cocks at once. It was the day before she met Simon.


Janice forgot how massive Simon's dick was, until the head of his cock

bumped up against her cervix. She then remembered that there was still

four inches to go. The pain of getting the rest of him inside her would

only last a few moments, then the wonderful feeling of having her pussy

so stretched and filled would overpower her. Tom's dick was large, but

it couldn't ever compare to Simon's. While she slowly raised herself up,

Janice could feel every pulsing vein in his dick as it withdrew. She was

lubricating up a storm, but his cock was so big that it still made her

feel like she was as dry as a bone. When she dropped back down to get

more of his prick inside her pussy, Janice couldn't help herself and

started coming like crazy. One stroke! That's all it took was one stroke

from Simon's prick before she was reduced to a writhing, babbling woman.

Stars burst in front of her tightly closed eyelids as she convulsed

wildly above her former lover. Shaking and trembling all over, Janice

could do nothing but let the sensation of the orgasm she was having

pass. It totally dominated her body and mind, and seemed as though it

would never stop. Every muscle in her body felt like they were tied up

in knots, every nerve ending seemed to be exploding, and every part of

her flesh was sensitive to the touched.


It was Tom's turn to be jealous now. Janice was having one of the most

intense climaxes he had ever seen her have, and it was with Simon. He

pulled his dick out of Melissa's pussy and was about to walk over to her

when Jack reached out to stop him.

"What's fair is fair. You fucked his wife, so now he's fucking yours.

Besides, it's not like they never did it before."

"Yeah, I know. But she doesn't have to enjoy it so much!"

"You don't think his wife enjoyed what we did?"

Looking down at the still sucking Melissa, Tom said, "She's a hot piece

of ass, isn't she?"

"You better believe it! Mary's pretty good at giving head, but she

doesn't hold a candle to this one." Jack replied as he shoved his dick

into Melissa's throat once again.

"Well, since you've had all three and I haven't, I wouldn't know."

"If you want to give Mary a try, go ahead and ask her."

"I got a better idea." Tom said, an evil grin spreading across his


He picked Melissa up, and dragged the protesting woman over to where

Janice and Simon were.

"I wasn't done! I didn't come yet!" Melissa cried as she was carried

away from the dick she was sucking.

Tom paid no attention to her as he carefully placed Melissa in position

until she was standing directly over her husband's head, and then called

out to his friend.

"Come on over, Jack, she still wants some more cock."

When Jack was in front of her, Melissa dropped to her knees, unaware

that her pussy was now right above Simon's face. Satisfied that his plan

was working, Tom got behind Melissa so that he was facing his wife.

Janice was grinding her pussy on Simon's crotch, his dick now fully

buried deep inside her. She was going threw her third orgasm, constantly

moaning and pinching both of her nipples real hard. Tom laced his

fingers together behind his wife's head then shoved his dick into her

mouth. Janice groaned at first, but then immediately began sucking him.

The musky odor of sex saturated his nostrils when Simon inhaled. He

finally opened his eyes when Janice's movements slowed down while she

concentrated on sucking her husband. The sight of the swollen and red

lips of a pussy only inches above his nose was surprising. Simon didn't

know who's it was, but he could tell it had been fucked. The sloppy

remains of somebody's cum was inside and starting to drip out. The

thought of another man's sperm hitting him in the face was revolting,

but the idea that it was dripping from a freshly fucked cunt didn't make

it seem so bad. Was it Bob's wife Susan kneeling above him? Was it the

cute blonde? After finally recognizing the red pubic hairs, it suddenly

dawned on Simon that it was Melissa, his own wife! He reached up to push

her away in disgust, but when his hands touched her ass, Melissa lowered

herself down and began smearing her pussy all over his face.

The harder Simon tried to shake his head loose from her gripping

thighs, the harder Melissa would bump and grind her pussy against his

mouth. She had no idea it was Simon under her, only that there was a

pair of lips and a tongue on her still very aroused slit. The loud moans

and groans coming from between her legs made her clit tingle all the

more as the sound waves vibrated through her pussy. Whoever was down

there was eating her out better than she had been eaten out in a long


Simon finally gave up fighting his wife when Janice started to fuck

him again. He didn't know why she had stopped, but it didn't matter now.

The warm and silky feeling of her pussy sliding up and down his pole

wiped out all other thoughts.

Janice always did tease him before getting down to business, and this

time was no exception. She still remembered to tighten up as his dick

slipped in, and to loosen her clench when he withdrew. Unlike Melissa,

Janice loved being fucked real slow, with steady long strokes instead of

hard and fast jabs. Simon had to admit though that Melissa had more

stamina and wanted to fuck more often. His wife would fuck all night

long if he'd keep it up, where as his former girlfriend couldn't fuck

after an hour or so.

Simon suddenly thought about what he was mulling over in his brain.

Melissa could fuck forever, Janice couldn't. Melissa liked being fucked

fast and hard, Janice liked it slow and easy. Janice could go days,

sometimes a week, before ever wanting to get laid, but Melissa always

seemed to want his cock. This revelation put a new light on what he saw

Melissa doing this morning and last night, but his thoughts were

interrupted when Janice pulled her pussy completely off of his cock. His

wife also raised her pussy from his face. Simon now found himself alone

on the floor, his dick standing straight up like a lonely lighthouse by

the sea.

On his right and near his feet, Simon saw Bob's wife was on her hands

and knees over the stretched out blonde nobody bothered to introduce him

to. Sue was eating the young girl's pussy while Bob was busy fucking it.

Behind Sue was Don, his dick plunging in and out of Sue at a furious

pace while the blonde stuck her tongue out and raised her head, licking

at both of their genitals. Over on his left side, Janice was getting

down on her hands and knees, as was her husband. She crawled over to

Simon and just as her lips parted to suck on the head of his dick, Tom

shoved his cock into her from behind.

Melissa suddenly reappeared out of nowhere, her face contorted with a

look of agony. Biting her lower lip, Simon heard her groan a couple of

times, then shriek as she was pushed forward. Her mouth opened up wide

and a soft, hesitating sigh came from her throat. They both looked at

each other at the same time. Just as their lips met for a kiss, the

front door crashed open.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" came the booming voice of young

officer Richard Todd, his hand tightly wrapped around the arm of a

naked, and dildo filled Kathy. Rich was shocked to recognize all of the

people when they turned their heads to look up at him.

The hot looking redhead he just met the other day was being fucked in

the ass by one of the drivers from the mill. So, that meant that the

blonde, who's face he couldn't see, had to be his show off wife Mary. He

wasn't too surprised to see Janice sucking Simon's cock, since he knew

remembered them from school, but he was amazed that her usually hot

tempered husband was fucking her while she did it. Patrolman Todd was

about to ask the new Mayor a question when Kathy freed herself from his


Rich didn't bother trying to get a hold of her again, so she quickly

knelt down in front of him and started undoing his pants. When Kathy did

this, the rest of the group went back to what they were doing before he

burst in on them. Janice parted her lips and slid her mouth down Simon's

cock as Tom resumed fucking her from behind. Bob and Don picked up their

pace and continued fucking Sue and Mary as they ate each other out. The

redhead and her husband were kissing again while the man behind her

pounded his dick into her small ass.

Finally, Kathy got what she was looking for, a hard REAL dick. Quickly

pulling the dildo out of her pussy, she got the still stunned new

arrival to lay down on the floor. Just as the head of his cock slipped

in between the wet lips of her quivering cunt, he grabbed her by the

hips and swiftly drove his dick up and into her. Kathy screamed at the

top of her lungs how good it felt to fuck a real cock, and several of

the others moaned or groaned out their own satisfaction and agreement.


The events that took place at Don's Tavern were repeated again, but

never talked about. Former Patrolman Todd, now Desk Sergeant Todd, filed

a report that only stated there was a call about a prowler at the

tavern, and that after investigating, he found nothing. The newly

elected Mayor, Bob, and the newly appointed Chief of Police, Simon, saw

no reason to change the details he had written down since the caller

never came forward and nobody ever asked about the incident.

Melissa and Simon had a serious talk about their marriage and past

experiences during a break in the orgy. Melissa told him she needed sex

more often than he

did. Simon admitted he had been neglecting her, but reassured Melissa

that it wasn't because he didn't love her. They both agreed that she

could have sex with other guys, but it had to be limited to Bob, Tom,

Jack, Don, or Rich. For now, Melissa saw no problem with this. Everyone

else also agreed to get together once in a while for a party at one of

their homes.

Janice was the only person who didn't go along with them. She not only

didn't agree to their orgies, she divorced Tom within a month. He didn't

really love her, and she knew it. Simon didn't love her either, and she

finally realized it. This wasn't the dark ages and there was no reason

for her to stay and suffer in a private little Hell. Janice decided that

her former husband and her former boyfriend weren't ever going to take

her for granted or use her again, so she simply moved away after the

divorce. The rest of the group made a mental note of this, especially

Jack and Melissa. They realized what Janice did. Life didn't always work

out they way you want it to and love doesn't conquer all.

Joan, Rich's new bride, took Janice's place within the group of secret

swingers when they got married. Simon suspected she would. After

officially taking his post, he checked the logs and discovered that Joan

was suppose to have the night off when she dispatched Rich to Don's

Tavern. He also learned that the phone company had no record of a call

being made to the station at the time she said it came through. What was

Joan up to? Did she only enjoy sex as much as his wife Melissa did, or

was she after something else?

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