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When I was a College Sophomore I was one of those very rare things for my age: A virgin. I was a little ashamed of it - I mean, I wasn't a prude or anything. I told myself I just hadn't stumbled onto the right opportunity. Boy, did that change....

One of my best friends was dating a senior boy. As a result, the gang that I hung out with was mostly seniors. One summer night, a group of about 20 of us were just hanging out and cruising. I had on short denim skirt and a tight tank-top and was being a big tease. We decided that we would go from the mall to a club across town. Steve grabbed my hand and said we should ride over in Tom's car. Eric said he would also ride with us. So I climbed into the back seat between Steve and Eric and off we went. We didn't get very far before Steve was kissing me. He had a muscular build and dreamy blue eyes. Having him notice me was a dream come true, let alone to start necking with him. As we got going, Eric started kissing my shoulder and neck. This was great. Two senior boys interested in me. Steve started to feel my tit. It wasn't the first time a boy felt me up and even if we weren't alone, I wasn't going to stop this hunk. Eric was good looking too, and not far behind Steve in going for my tits. I turned my head to kiss Eric as he squeezed my tit, and as I did he unhooked the back of my bra in one quick motion. Steve and Eric instantly had my bra and tank-top up to my armpits and my tits out. That's when Tom reached back between the bucket seats and put his handon my thigh.

As he gently rubbed the inside of my thigh, I resumed kissing Steve. Eric moved down and began to suck my nipple. I had earlier thought about when I would have sex, and was determined to fuck a guy by the end of the year. The right opportunity for a quiet romantic setting with a great guy just had not happened.

While Steve and Eric took turns kissing me and sucking my tits, Tom was moving his hand further under my skirt. I soon felt his fingers pressing the material of my panties into my pussy. I moved my ass down on the seat to give him better access. As he slid his finger into the leg opening of my panties I reach for the front of Steve's pants. I felt the bulge of his cock and gave it a squeeze. Tom said "Well guys, is our little Terri still a tease or is she a party girl like I said?" "I don't know what you mean by little", Eric said as he pulled his mouth of my tit. "There is nothing little staring me in my face." "Just get back to her tit. I'm sure the lovely Terri is enjoying what you can do to a tit." I sure was, but my attention was being focused on Tom's hand. Other boys had put their hands on my crotch before, and one even was in my panties. But they were all very clumsy and rough. Tom must of had a lot of experience. He knew what he was doing and made me feel great.



My pussy was getting soaked and I kept moving my ass closer to his magic fingers. Tom said "She's really getting wet. A few more minutes and our slut will really be ready to party."

I was immediately offended by being called a slut, but that is when Tom slipped his finger into me. I was totally distracted by that. I didn't care what he said as long as his hand stayed on my pussy.

"This is one tight, wet hole Steve. You need to check it out." And Tom pulled my panties off. Eric and Steve started moving in the seat. Eric pulled my top over my head and laid me down across his lap. We were kissing deep as I felt Steve between my knees. I was expecting his fingers and felt one slide up and down my pussy, getting wet. I remember thinking that Steve had very big fingers when he pressed it against my cunt hole. Eric was playing with my nipple and I was enjoying the feeling of Steve's "finger" against hole when a sharp stab of pain ripped through me. I winced once and looked up at Steve. That's when I felt both of his hands on my hips. As I looked into his beautiful eyes I realized that was his cock in me and he had just taken my cherry. I was in shock at first, but Steve started to slowly slide his prick in and out of me. I started to relax and move my hips with his. So this is what getting screwed was all about. I was loving it, even if I still did have a little discomfort. Steve started to pick up the pace and he was moaning on each stroke. Eric was still playing with my tits and I started to moan loudly. Eric said "Tom, how much longer? We really have this bitch in heat. Steve will have her cumming in a minute." "Just keep at her," was Tom's reply, "it'll be a few minutes yet." Eric put his hand between Steve and me and his fingers reach my clit. That put me over the edge. I started screaming "yes, oohh yes" at the top of my lungs as Steve and Eric brought me off. That's when I heard Steve grunting and driving his cock deep into me. I felt the warmth of his cum as he spurted further into my cunt than anything had ever been. As Steve's dick slid out of my wet snatch, I got up to kiss him. As my tongue snaked into his mouth, Eric got up on his knees behind me. When we broke the kiss, Eric pushed me down on all fours. His cock was in my pussy in seconds. Steve slide under me to suck on my tits while Eric took me doggie style. "This pussy is going to take some real stretching Tom. I'm going to have to work on lubing her up some more." Eric was really pounding now. I could feel his balls slapping my ass as he rammed his dick into me. I could feel another orgasm approaching and this time Eric and I came together. I was getting into the language these guys were using and was yelling for Eric to fuck me harder as I came. As I screamed, Eric grabbed my hips and drove his cock deep into me as he came. I collapsed at this point, trying to catch my breath.

Steve began to rub my back and Eric played with my ass. I could feel that we were going down a dirt road. When the car stopped, Steve and Tom got out while Eric continued to caress

me. The boys opened the trunk and rummaged around a little bit. Steve opened the door to help me out. There was a blanket spread out under a tree. Candles were lit around the blanket and Tom was lying in the middle with nothing but boxer shorts on. I stood up and pulled my tank top and bra over my head. That left me in my skirt and sneakers. I walked over to Tom and ask him what was in store for me next. He looked up my skirt, reached behind my knees and pulled me down. I fell over with my tits hitting Tom in the face.

His mouth went straight to my nipple and started sucking. Tom's hands slid up the back of my thighs and he grabbed my ass. His squeezes caused my cum filled cunt to make noise. Steve said "Tom, that tight, wet pussy is calling for your dick. You had better take care of it before

one of us comes back for seconds." Tom didn't say a word but slipped a finger

into me again. I was getting real hot again and reached into his shorts. I

couldn't believe what I felt. Tom had to be bigger than either of the other two guys. I started to panic. An hour ago I was a virgin and now here was a cock that I could barely wrap my hand around, getting ready to fuck me. What was I doing? But that finger was attracting my attention. As muchas I was scared, I was also very excited. Could I take him? Would it hurt? There

was only one way to find out. I took a deep breath and pulled Tom's shorts off him. By the candle light I could see the large, mushroom head of Tom's massive cock. How could I get that into my little vagina? It was bigger than I could have imagined. Tom started to kiss me, putting his tongue deep into my mouth. His fingers caressed my clit and my juices flowed in spite of my apprehension. Tom was good with his hands and I could feel an orgasm building. I was straddled across Tom's stomach as he felt me out. Just as I was about to cum, Tom gently guided my pussy onto his cock. I hardly noticed his entry as I came in a rush. Tom continued to push his cock into me as I screamed in ecstasy. As his strokes got deeper, I came again. I had three orgasm right in a row as Tom reached his climax and came deep in my pussy. I collapsed on him, feeling his cum ooze out of my pussy as his cock got soft. Even limp, it felt huge in me. My pussy was sore by now. The boys were very considerate and didn't fuck me anymore that night. I did jerk each of them off and we all promised to get back together again for a repeat.

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