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This site was created for everyone who loves to hear about wives getting swapped, girls getting gangbang action, and so much more.  Our story list will be expanding as we go along, and that is where YOU come in!

That's right, we are looking for people to send us their stories - either true or fantasy.   We love to post reader stories, becuase these are usually the hottest stories around.   Rather than bring you a bunch of 20 year old stories, we would rather share your exciting adventures with the world!

A word about our sponsors:  Some adult sites you visit will put up sponsor banners for anyone.  They don't check the sites out, and they don't look to see if they have what they claim.  Others put up banners for really sick stuff, like bestiality and stuff.   On this site, you will find only quality sponsors, such as PORNSTORIES, which really does have 13,000 stories and such. TOtally hot, and worth the effort to check out!

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